Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Friends and Love Ones

Looking for happy birthday wishes for your friends and loves one?

Worry no more, here are some selected happy birthday wishes that will leave your message in their mind for a long time to come.happy birthday wishes

Start going through them right away and select any of the happy birthday wishes, copy, paste and send immediately to those you care for.

1. Happy birthday to my priceless jewel of inestimable value.  I love you mummy.

2. I’m glad to celebrate this special day of your life.  Happy birthday friend.

3. Happy birthday my Darling.  Let’s celebrate today in a grand style and party like there’s no tomorrow.

4. I’m glad you’re alive to celebrate not just your birthday but another year of friendship.  You’re indeed  a true friend.  Happy birthday.

5. I pray all your wishes come true on this day and forever.  Happy birthday.

6. It’s good news to see you pull through the storms of life hale and hearty.  Happy birthday dearie.

7. Happy birthday to this elegant and chic lady.  I hope you enjoy more of God in this year and beyond.

8. I’m proud to celebrate you today cos you’ve taught me not just to dream but act.  Thanks for being part of my journey to success.

9. Wishing you a happy birthday dearest.  I pray that you experience joy everlasting.

10. Happy birthday buddy.  I wish you not just  funfilled day but a year filled with tremendous memories.

11. I hope you’ll reflect on this day and smile at the memories.  Happy birthday dearest.  Have a blast.

12. Welcome to the 40s sweetheart.  I hope it teaches you beautiful things that life entails.  Keep feeling young.

13. Have a happy and funfilled birthday darling.  I pray the the rest of the year unwraps sweet relief to you.  Enjoy

14. Happy birthday to the smartest business partner ever.  I wish you More years with a sweet bank account and successful life.

15. It’s your birthday today,  please ease ourselves off the workic life and I’ll create an holiday for you.  Happy birthday dearestest.

16. Happy birthday darling.  Let dig it in today and create a memorable experience on this day.

17. I’m glad you’ve changed tremendously over the past years.  I pray for more positive changes in all ramifications of your life.  Happy birthday.

18. Happy birthday to the smart lady who’s seen me through the ethics of business. God bless you ma.

19. Happy birthday mi amor.  I love you

20. Don’t be surprised on how crazy I’ll shower you with love today.  Remember,  it’s your birthday.

21. Let’s begin your year in a fabulous way.  Happy birthday my superstar.

22. It seems like today is the most important day of the year.  You’re more than a VIP  to me.  Happy birthday nugget.

23. Today is so unique cos it’s not just your birthday but our birthday.  Happy birthday to us.

24. Thanks for being my cheerleader all these while.  Happy birthday lover.

25. Happy birthday to you.  You’ve been a true source of blessing to me.  God will reward you in greater folds.

26. I’m glad to be part of your generation.  Happy birthday daddy.

27. Happy birthday bestie.  I’m glad to be part of your life.  God bless you.

28. Thanks for placing me as your top priority.  I can’t thank you enough.  Happy birthday mom.

29. You’re one of those people who’s provoked me to know my purpose on earth and develop myself.  Happy birthday to this life changing man.

30. Happy birthday buddy.  Live long and prosper on God’s grace.

31. Happy birthday dearest.  Make the most of your big day today.  I love you

32. Thanks for seeing me through the tough stages I chased my dreams.  I love you so much.

33. I’ve always watched you grow and I’m glad you’re alive and old enough to take very tough decisions on your own. Happy birthday my daughter

34. I promise to spoil you silly as you add a year today. Happy birthday darling.

35. Remember those times we smashed cakes on your face. Today is gonna be another smash-up as we say goodbye to your teenage year. Welcome to the twenties boo.

36. As you say dive into your 50s. I pray that you enjoy life in a more blissful way. Happy birthday Mummy

37. Happy birthday sister. I pray you experience an unimaginable pleasure of greatness this year.

38. As you add a year, I pray for God’s wisdom to help you take the right steps in this next phase of life. Happy 30th birthday.

39. Happy birthday to my everything. I love you so much.

40. Only if I could make a wish, I’ll wish we stay together forever to enjoy life. Happy birthday love.

41. I celebrate the bond of friendship we share. Thanks for being there for me. Happy birthday bestie.

42. Let’s ball into another atmosphere of fun. Happy birthday my rockstar.

43. Birthday comes once in a lifetime but I want to create a memory that will last forever. See you later at dinner. Happy birthday.

44. Happy birthday to you. Keep standing tall and basking in God’s glory.

45. Thanks for being the most supportive friend ever. I celebrate you on this day. Happy birthday.

46. Happy birthday sis, I pray that your source of happiness, wealth and strength never runs dry.

47. Thanks for making me happy and helping me stay strong. You deserve an amazing experience on this day. Happy birthday my lady.

48. I pray that the angels will guide you right in this new year and beyond. Happy birthday little bro.

49. Happy birthday my baby. I love you now and forever.

50. Happy birthday dearie. You deserve the best today. Cheers to life in good health and wealth.

I hope you’re able to find any of them useful.

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