Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends And Families

Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends And Families

Here are the collection of happy birthday quotes and birthday wishes for families and friends.
These are great collections you’ll be glad you find them all here.

Birthday is a wonderful occasion to express your warm heartfelt feeling to your friends and families wherever they live.

Check out the collection of 50 happy birthday quotes and happy birthday wishes for your loved ones.Happy birthday quotes for friends

1. Life is sweet and more sweeter with people like you who adds a touch of flavour to it with their personality. Happy birthday.

2. If only we could go through the nastiest things we’ve passed through as friends,  you’ll see why I cherish your birthdays more.  Happy new year boo.

3. I hope the memories of today’s celebration will last forever.  Happy birthday my Darling.

4. You own the stage for the next 24 hours. Ensure every action is worth saving the memories forever. Enjoy your new age.

5. Birthdays are not just meant to be the major focus on celebrating you. You’re worth more than being celebrated on your birthday. Happy new year.

6. Happy birthday to this super woman who never give up on herself. Thanks for setting a good pace for me to follow.

7. Happy birthday to the most disciplined and friendly boss ever. You’ve tight me to be independent through you actions.

8. Cheers to this day as we celebrate you in another amazing way. Happy birthday rockstar

9. I’m gonna use this opportunity to wish you a day filled with fun and a year of sweet memories and achievement. Happy birthday.

10. I’ve noticed unique beings are born on this day and you’re one of them. Happy birthday my Darling.

11. Continue to radiate in God’s glory and that forever young look as you turn 50 today. I love you mummy.

12. Your fierce nature led you to this present status. Why shouldn’t I celebrate you more on your birthday. Happy new year.

13. God took his time to create you in his own way, little wonder you’re loved by all. Happy birthday friend.

14. I don’t think the next 24 hours is worth celebrating you for. Can we please keep on with your birthday celebration till the month comes to an end. Happy birthday.

15. You look more younger with every new year passing by. Happy birthday dear friend.

16. Have a wonderful day as you celebrate you golden age today. Welcome to the 50s Charlie.

17. You’ve always wondered what it takes to be 30. Well, here it is. Enjoy your 30s Darling.

18. A gem was born today and she was perfect in God’s eye. Happy birthday sweets.

19. Happy birthday to this gregarious person (in and out.) I celebrate you.

20. It will be a great offence for me not to wish you a happy birthday. I respect you my boss.Happy birthday quotes for friends

21. May this new year present a great turn around in your world. Happy birthday friend.

22. I admire your drive for success and do hope you live to achieve all. Happy birthday friend.

23. You set the pace, started great and you’re still they great achiever. I celebrate a super hero on her birthday. Enjoy your new year.

24. I can and will never watch you walk out of my life. You’ve been a warrior who’s defeated the troubles of life. Enjoy your new age wirh less worries. Happy birthday.

25. I celebrate a goal getter as she adds a year today. You’ve been amazing.

26. Many things have changed but you’re still the person I’ve always known. Happy birthday.

27. I want you by my side, all of us together protecting each other on the same lane. Happy birthday bro

28. I’ve always known you to be a world shaker. Welcome to a new year of amazing ideas from you. Happy birthday

29. You being alive is a sign that you’re still needed to make an impact. The world needs you. Happy birthday.

30. I’m glad to celebrate you on this special day. Happy birthday love .

31. You’ve given in so much love and happiness to people around you. You should be celebrated too. Happy birthday.

32. I wish you a year filled with stepping stones to achieving all that your heart desires. Welcome to a new year.

33. Happy birthday to the most hilarious and down to earth being ever. I love you baby.

34. I know for a fact that you’re an heaven sent. I celebrate you on this day darling. Happy birthday

35. I wish you a year with sweet relief and unique difference in a successful way. Happy birthday.

36. I met you some years ago on this special day. I can never forget an angel like you. Happy birthday.

37. I’m specially owning you all to myself today just to give you that awesome memory on you birthday.

38. Happy birthday darling. I celebrate you today.

39. Happy birthday to my ever loving boss. I remain loyal to you sir.

40. I’m proud to call you mother. You’ve see me through what I call life. Happy birthday.

41. I see a great future in you. You just broke through the teenage years. Welcome to a new phase of life.

42. Even if I don’t take note of today’s date. It keeps ringing in my head that it’s hour day. Happy new year. Enjoy your day.

43. We’ve gone a long way through the storms and sweetness of life. Happy birthday and cheers to more years together.

44. I can’t buy all what you’ve taught me for the past years. They’re priceless. Permit me to celebrate the priceless personality in you. Happy birthday.

45. As you add a year older today, I pray for God’s touch in your life. Happy birthday.

46. Wish I could give you the word on a silver platter. Happy birthday to the most amazing being ever.

47. Your personality is enough to die for. You’re a genius baby. Happy birthday. Keep blazing .

48. Give yourself a workfree day today as we celebrate you. Happy birthday workaholic

49. I cherish your die-hard attitude. You’re worth being celebrated for a days assets your birthday. Happy birthday my super woman.

50. Here is another opportunity to explore a new year and grow rapidly than the previous years. Happy birthday sis.

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