Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend, Lover and Family

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend and Family

Here are the collections of happy birthday wishes you will forever love to send to anyone who you love and care for. This is the best collection of happy birthday wishes you can ever find on the web today. It’s inspiring, motivating and prayerful.happy birthday wishes for friend

1. The earth feels your impact.  You’ve made life seem like heaven on earth.  I can’t describe how amazing you are.  Thanks for living a meaningful life.  As you add a year today,  my happy birthday wishes for you today is that, you shall be celebrated always and never be relegated.

2.  As you celebrate your birthday today,  Love,  joy,  special emotions,  life filled with memories shall all be yours now and forever.  Enjoy your day

3.  Cheers to another year of success,  happiness,  wealth,  laughter.  Sending countless kisses and hugs to you.  Happy birthday

4. I know you’ll receive lots of gifts today but I want to give you something special that can’t be bought which is my heart. Happy birthday. I love you

5. It’s the first day of another 365 journey,  you’ll live to enjoy more beginnings of a new year.  Happy birthday.

6. As you grow older,  your life shall be like a shining thread to the younger generations.  Thanks for making an impact in my life.  Happy birthday.

7. Distance might hinder me from not being there with you but that won’t stop me from wishing you a magical year filled with love and happiness.  Happy birthday.

8. Today for every gift you receive,  you’ll have seven folds reason to smile.  Enjoy your trip into a new year.  Happy birthday

9. My wish for you today is true,  pure and priceless.  Here’s a heart that hopes you enjoy your new age.  Happy birthday.

10. It’s a star’s day today.  May you continue to shine bright and your life would glow as a meaningful know.  Happy birthday

11. As you add a new year today, I hope that your heart desires and dreams come true. Have fun.

12. Feel free, enjoy yourself, break loose because it’s your birthday. Start your trip into the next 365 days with fun. Happy birthday

13. Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday dear friend.

14.  Although there’s no perfect person but you’re close to being perfect.  I hope you enjoy your new year with perfect goodies and gifts of life.  That my birthday wishes fo you.

15. It’s your day, enjoy yourself to the fullest, liven up your spirit and be thankful for a new life. Happy birthday.

16. May this new year be filled with better memories than the past years. Enjoy a tremendous year of terrific turnarounds.

17. You were created to be the best, that’s why I celebrate you on this day. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest person on planet earth.

18. You’ve always caused a smile on my face since I met you. I can’t wait to celebrate your day with you and make you happy. Happy birthday

19. You deserve nothing but the best. I hope your birthday is as fantastic as you are. Welcome to a new year.

20. The more you grow, the more you become perfect. I wish you a new year filled with perfection. Happy birthday.happy birthday wishes

21. It’s another journey to 365 days. I wish you a smooth sail in this trip. Happy birthday.

22. How can I forget a gregarious person like you was born on this day?. Thanks for being real in your own way. Happy birthday.

23. You’ve been a great fired, confidant, keeper and critic. You deserve the best. Cheers to a new year.

24. As you step into a new year, my happy birthday wishes is hoping that this phase of life will bring you all the success that you deserve. Happy birthday.

25. I believe that God related you to see e through the journey of life. As you step into a new year, he shall guide your path. Happy birthday.

26. I can’t wait to enjoy a colourful day with you because it’s your birthday. Welcome to a new world.

27. Can you remember all those times we shared? Those memories in the past? They won’t be compared to the sweeter years we have ahead. Happy birthday.

28. I feel proud to know you and call you my own. You’ve made me life meaningful since I met you. Happy birthday .

30. The way I want today to be can’t be described. I just want you to feel more like a queen, that’s my Happy birthday wishes for you.

31. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, years come and go but you’ll continue to be celebrated every year. Thanks for being a true friend. Happy birthday .

32. Thanks for loving me unconditionally. Permit me to make today a remarkable one for you. Happy birthday.

33. I’m lucky to have you. You’ve been so sweet that I don’t think there’s any other person that can take this place of yours in my heart. Welcome to a new world of greatness as you add a year today.

34. Welcome to another trip into a new year. May your life shine like a diamond in the sky. Happy birthday .

35. There’s no one who can dare come closer to your winning days cos you’ve been amazing for ages. Happy birthday.

36. Thanks for being a real friend. Thanks for being there all the way for me. Thanks for being true to me. You are worth a bigger celebration. Happy birthday.

37. You’ve always been a good friend to me and I hope life doesn’t take its turn on us. Happy birthday.

38. I’m a princess because I was birthed by a queen. Thanks for guiding me through the rules of life. Happy birthday mom

39. You’ve sowed richly in my life. As you celebrate a new age, the happy birthday wishes you truly deserve is for you to celebrate more years to reap the impact you’ve made in me. Happy birthday

40. You deserve all the best things of life because you’re definitely one of the best people in the world. Happy birthday.

41. Although you’re growing older but you’re still as awesome as I met you decades ago. Happy birthday.

42. I just want to wish this sweet person happy birthday. What would life have been without you?. Enjoy your day.

43. I’m glad you came to this earth as a baby. How could I have wished an awesome person like you a Happy Birthday.

44. Have a day filled with merry because it’s your birthday. Enjoy your day.

45. No wish or prayer is enough to quantify how happy I am to see you alive on this day. I hope that you enjoy this new year in happiness. Happy birthday.

46. This world feel great having you, the earth rejoice because it’s a rare gems day. Happy birthday.

47. As you add a year today, may this new year radiate light into your life. Have a superfunfilled day.

48. You’re young, attractive, cool, nice and special. As you grow older, I hope that your heart feels young. Happy birthday.

49. Although you might feel more lived today but my happy birthday wishes for you on this day is that you enjoy undiluted love all through this year.  Happy born day.

50. I wish you a wonderful day with full hopes that your wishes come true.  Happy belated birthday.

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