Hair Loss: Causes And Tips For Restoration

We lose strands of hair every day, and this is normal. For women, washing their hair can easily clog up the drain. An individual normally loses 80-100 strands of hair daily.

hair loss

It might be astonishing as we don’t see this because as the hair sheds, new hair develops simultaneously to replace old and damaged hair. Hair shedding that surpasses 100 strands can imply that there may be a problem with your scalp.

That is because some medical conditions like cancer can cause excessive hair loss due to medical procedures and medications.

If you’re suffering from excessive hair shedding that leads to baldness, you should look into effective hair loss treatments. As soon as you see signs of baldness, you should call your doctor and inform them about it.

Going bald happens in view of different reasons. This makes it very difficult to pinpoint the real culprit behind your hair loss problems. Hair loss can occur due to the following factors:

You’re not consuming enough nutrients

Our scalp and hair need nutrients for them to stay strong and to keep them from shedding too much. That is the reason why the food we eat affects our hair. 

Two of the essential nutrients that our scalp and hair needs are vitamin B12 and iron. They need these nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. Absence of Vitamin B12 not only causes you to feel drained, yet it also takes its toll on your hair development.

This happens as the absence of Vitamin B12 affects your red blood cells. These red blood cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to the scalp tissues. Hair loss from lack of nutrients usually happens to vegans. The reason for this is because iron and vitamin B12 are usually obtained from animal proteins.

Iron isn’t just significant for the hair, yet it is additionally significant for the entire body. We need enough healthy blood to stream in our whole body. Iron insufficiency assists with the creation of hair cell protein. Without this supplement, strands of hair will get weak and can undoubtedly break. 


Hair loss can happen due to stress, both physical and mental. Those who are experiencing mental stress are more likely to lose a substantial amount of hair that can lead to baldness. When a woman is giving birth to her child, she may lose a lot of hair as childbirth can be stressful.

With so much work to do and the piled-up housework, it can be very difficult to avoid stress. Even just thinking about losing so much hair can already cause a huge amount of stress. But, this factor can easily be treated. You will have to learn how to lessen the stress you are dealing with every day. Exercising and doing your favourite hobby can help relieve stress.


Another common cause of hair loss in men and women are their genes. This gradually happens as one age. There will be noticeable bald spots in certain areas in the scalp for the male group, and as for the women, they will notice that their hair starts to get thinner and thinner. This is why men who experience baldness tend to wear hats all the time and women would always wear a wig or at least have their hair cut short.

Hair Restoration Tips

Taking care of your hair from the roots (scalp) promotes healthy hair growth. Below are some ways you can properly care for your scalp and hair strands.

Don’t Wash Hair Everyday

Our hair has natural oils to keep them healthy and strong. That’s why washing your hair every day with shampoo won’t do any good and may even cause further damages. As you cleanse your hair, the natural oils tend to strip away, making it more prone to breaking.

Additionally, shampoos have processed chemicals that prevent the hair from growing strong and healthy. Just like when you wash your hands, washing too much with soap can make the skin dry and rough. Hair experts recommend washing the hair three to four times a week. Applying conditioner is also advisable to keep the hair moisturised.

Take Supplements

We’ve mentioned earlier that lack of nutrients that the hair needs can lead to excessive hair loss, and the best solution for this is by taking supplements. If you’re a vegan, this tip will most definitely help you. Biotin, which is a part of the vitamin B group, is a supplement that helps thicken hair. Not only that, but it also speeds up hair growth.

Men who take biotin mainly aim to increase facial hair growth, such as their beard. For them to achieve the best results, they should take high doses of the supplement. It’s important to consult with your doctor before taking the said supplement as it might not be safe for you as it is for others.

If you don’t get enough vitamin B12 and iron, you can take supplements containing the said nutrients. It might not be as strong as the ones you can get in animal proteins, but such can help to boost the hair growth process.

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