How to Handle Wedding Day Fears You Might Have

How to Handle Wedding Day Fears You Might Have

In as much as ones wedding day should be one of the happiest days, some people still have an element of wedding day fears either before that day or on that day.

Some of the fears people have are:

  • Some fear they would be left at the altar
  • Some fear things will not go the way they expect them to
  • Some wonder if they made the right choice
  • Some are afraid of what is to come after the wedding

If you have any of such fears, do not panic because you’ll get insights into how to deal with them in this write up.

How to Handle Such Fears

Just relax:

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You know it is often said that until you eventually tie the knot with your spouse, you can’t say you’re successfully married. So, it is understandable to have such fears and completely normal. It’s best you don’t let these fears overpower you if not you would lose sight of the important things.


Focus on what is relevant and the things you need to do and do away with negative thoughts. They’ll only drag you back.

 Learn to delegate:

Wedding goes with a lot of planning. Once the top priority matters are set, all you need do is delegate. You cannot do all on your own so seeking the help of family and friends you trust is very important. You do not need to stress yourself on your big day. Let your trusted folks be in charge.

Where is your trust?

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Making the decision to get married to someone means there is a level of trust for that person so why the fear? It’s true that people get jilted on their wedding day but does that mean that will happen to you too? Be optimistic and just believe in your spouse and you’ll see that all will go well.

Talk it out:

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The best way to deal with fear is to talk about it. You can tell your partner about the fears you have or talk to a pastor about it. Do not keep your feelings bottled up as it’s only when you open up that people can help you.

Have an open mind:

The only person you should pay attention to on that day is your spouse. Forget about what you think people are saying about you and just focus on him/her. Don’t worry that you won’t dance well. Just be free, dance and enjoy yourself.

 Smile and be happy:

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Look around you and see the number of people that have come to celebrate with you. Be cheerful because you are on the spotlight and have every reason to smile. There’s absolutely nothing to be scared of.

Being able to acknowledge your fears is the first step to dealing with it. Pulling yourself out of it is the next step.

Do you still have that fear? I believe the points listed above should help you out of that situation of yours.

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