How To Get Clean And Smoother Skin All Day Long

How To Get Clean And Smoother Skin All Day Long

Looking beautiful all day long with clearer and smoother skin is possible if you know how to go about it. Though simple but lots of people don’t know much about the simplicity. So, if you’re having a cracked skin, dry or itchy skin, if your skin is still looking ashy as you enter the winter season, then you need to take a serious look at these tips to help you get a clean and smoother skin all day long.

How To Get Clean And Smoother Skin All Day LongRemove the dead dry skin (exfoliate)

Holding on to dead dry skin will never allow your skin to be smoother and cleaner until you do away with the dead dry skin. This is achieves through exfoliating by using mesh shower sponge or washcloth to rub off the dead skin from your body. Exfoliating glove can even help you with more intense scrubbing that will make it faster in removing the dead skin.

To exfoliate, first of all wet your skin, and then apply little but enough moisturizing body wash to any exfoliating product you most preferred and then apply the exfoliator in a circular motion over your body. Rinse it to remove all the dead dry skin that prevents your skin from shining.

Ensure you get the right cleanser for your skin type

If you use the proper body cleanser for your skin, you’ll be able to achieve more clearer skin than using the type that is not meant for your skin type. You understand the type of skin you have, being it dry, oily, sensitive or middle of dry and soft, that is mild skin, that knowledge will help you in choosing the right cleanser for your body type.

For instance, if you have an oily skin, use cleanser that will provide your skin with enough hydration without adding any oils to your skin.

Please note that, body wash should only be used for the body (from the neck downward) and not the face. It is design to cater for your body only and the properties in it will make your face much more harder to achiever the cleaner and smoother skins you’re trying to achieve. [Read; Get better skin that radiate everywhere you go]

Don’t soap your body anytime you wash but rinse it

It is ok to use body wash when trying to get a cleaner body but you have to ensure you don’t soap your body every time you make use of the body wash, what you need most time is to just rinse your body.  Why you should not soap every time is to prevent your natural skin’s oil from stripping. Where you should consider to always wash is under your arm and genital areas.

Make use of moisturizer that contain sunscreen and ensure you moisturize often before bed

As you try to clean up the dead dry skin, you risk exposing your skin to damaging ultraviolet rays (UV rays), ensure your moisturizer has sunscreen or sunblock in it. This will prevent the damaging effect of the UV rays that comes from sun. [Read: Easy Skincare Treatment through a Holistic Approach]

Moisturize often and always before going to bed, the skin will absorb it better especially with the help of the heat that will be generated under the cover. For extra protection on your hands and feet, consider wearing moisturizing gloves and socks.

What about what you eat?

What you eat too play lots of roles in helping you to achieve cleaner and smoother skin you desire. Ensure you drink lots of water and eat fruit that has high water content like water melon. Fruits with high content of vitamin C is also good in prevent your skin from ashy. Ensure you have nothing to do with the food that will get you dehydrated, such food include; Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sodium etc.

These few tips will help you to get cleaner and smoother skin all day long as far and you keep doing it most time.

What else have you been using that helps your skin looking stunning? Please share with us if you have any as contribution to this post. Don’t also forget to help us share this post using any of the social media icons below.

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