8 Ways To Know You Have a Gold Digging Boyfriend

It’s really not hard knowing you have a gold digging boyfriend. The only way one wouldn’t know is if that person is blindly in love with the other person and I can assure you that a lot of women are.

A lot of ladies have gold diggers as boyfriends but if they know or not depends on what they choose to believe.

It’s alarming how guys swindle ladies these days all in the name of relationship.

It is also disheartening that ladies seem not to know that they have gold digging boyfriends.

To know if you have a gold digging boyfriend, read the signs in this article.

He’ll be all loved up when he needs money from you:

One thing about gold diggers is that they look for the perfect opportunity to collect money from you.

In times like this, what they do is to show you so much affection so that you will feel really loved and be moved to give him what he asks for.

He’ll sober up:

8 Ways To Know You Have a Gold Digging Boyfriend

If you have a gold digging boyfriend who wants money from you, he’ll act so sober like his life depends on the money he wants so you’ll feel sorry for him.

Guys like this know how to appeal to ones emotion and that is exactly how he gets you.

He’ll always want you to see reasons why you should give him:

8 Ways To Know You Have a Gold Digging Boyfriend

A gold digging boyfriend would always know how to talk you into giving him his demands.

Such a guy is a smooth talker who knows the right notes to hit so you’ll succumb to what he is asking for.

Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, he’ll make you see why it does.

He’s selfish:

A gold digging boyfriend will always be selfish and only think about himself.

He’ll want to satisfy his inner craving before wondering if you are happy or not.

He’s authoritative:

At times it amazes me how guys who don’t have money impose on their girlfriends who do.

If you have a gold digging boyfriend, one thing he will do is to make you feel like he’s the boss of you.

He knows you own the money but he’ll try to make you feel like it is also his.

And most of the time, this works for him because the girlfriend now tends to think that whatever belongs to her also belongs to him.

He asks you for money randomly:

A gold digger doesn’t care if you already made plans for the money you have.

All he wants to do is spend, spend and spend.

If you have a gold digging boyfriend, he will surely ask you for money when you least expect it.

And since some ladies are blindly in love, they will give in to what he wants.

If he is a genuine guy, he will be considerate and not ask you for it anytime he feels like.

He’ll be happier with you when there is money:

It’s funny the way some guys act up when they realise their babe is running low on cash.

To know if you have a gold digging boyfriend, ask yourself this: how does he behave whenever he knows you are running low on cash?

If your boyfriend asks you for money and you do not have enough to give him or you do not have at all, he will be furious.

If he acts all angered then know you have a gold digging boyfriend.

He won’t make an effort:

If you have a gold digging boyfriend, he will not make an effort to do something worthwhile to earn money.

He would rather rely and depend on you for his needs.

This is because he knows you are there to always give him what he wants so why bother himself?

These signs are real and if you can look past the love that you feel for him, you will surely notice them.

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