10 Fun Things to Do With Adult Sex Toys

Did you know that family planning services prevent an estimated 1.94 million unwanted pregnancies? Every $1 that goes to publicly funded family planning saves $4 in Medicaid expenses for pregnancy care. 

Each year, about 19 million Americans get diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. About 1.1 million people in the U.S. live with HIV.

Fun Things to Do With Adult Sex Toys

Improving sexual health and lowering numbers of disease transmission and pregnancy will only come with more education. More education is needed to teach safer sex practices and exploring sexuality without shame. 

One way to explore sexuality is by using adult sex toys. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Try Something From a Distance 

Being far away from your partner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an exciting sex life. If you’re only able to see your partner over video chat you can make things fun by using a remote-controlled toy. 

Some toys let you log into an app to control the vibrations while your partner wears the toy. Other toys need less of a distance to work but these can still add a new element to the bedroom.

2. It’s All About Vibrations 

It’s important to find a good vibrator whether you use it with a partner or for some solo play. One of the best vibrators out there is a bunny vibrator which works wonders. There are so many new vibrators on the market today but the best ones will have a variety of speeds and patterns. 

If you’re new to the sex toy world you can start with a slower vibration and continue to explore to see what you like. Many vibrators are also waterproof so you can enjoy them in the bathtub too.

3. Explore Anal Play

Sex is all about exploring what turns you on and keeping an open mind. You or your partner might be interested in anal play but don’t know where to start. 

Butt plugs and anal beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any of your needs. Vibrators can also be used for anal penetration as long as they’re made from a non-porous material. 

As always, keep in mind that cleaning your toys before and after sexual activity will prevent the spread of disease and bacteria.

4. Use a Toy in the Spoon Position 

Sex toys can be used in a variety of ways. Trying them out in different positions with your partner can open up a new world of pleasure possibilities. 

Get into the spoon position, the partner in the big spoon position will use a vibrator to pleasure their partner in the little spoon position. This is one fun way to incorporate sex toys in foreplay with your partner.

5. Added Stimulation With a Cock Ring 

When exploring sexuality in relationships it’s good to try new things to push each other to a new level of excitement. A cock ring during sex can add another form of stimulation. 

The cock ring is usually worn at the base of the penis and is used to restrict blood flow in an erect penis. This will typically help keep an erection for longer bringing more pleasure to both partners.

6. Suction Toys Are All the Rage 

Clitoral stimulation is a big part of sexual intimacy for people with vaginas. There are a ton of great toys to satisfy that sexual need. 

Suction toys are the best toys for clitoral stimulation on your own or with a partner. Many of these toys are made as a suction toy and vibrator in one if you want to switch things up or use both during sex. 

You can try different speeds and patterns until you find the combination that works best for you. Many suctions toys are waterproof too. Find suction toys, vibrators, and other sex toys at The Hot Spot.

7. Curved Vibrators for a Different Kind of Stimulation 

Curved vibrators work great for male and female partners. Their shape and flexibility open up new possibilities for your pleasure exploration. 

When used with a partner, these vibrators can stimulate the g spot for the female and the prostate for the male partner.

8. Strap Ons Can Help You Explore Penetration

Sex toys can help you explore penetration differently. When neither partner has a penis or the partner with the penis wants to experience penetration, a dildo can be used. 

This toy can be strapped onto your body if you’ll be doing the penetrating. This toy works great when partners go into a squatting position on all fours. Some dildos and huge dildos have vibration settings to increase the fun you can have.

9. A Paddle If You’re Interested in BDSM 

If you and your partner have discussed exploring BDSM in the bedroom, you can start with some light spanking to experiment and see what you like. 

The list of sex toys for BDSM is long but you can start by playing with a spanking paddle. Handcuffs and rope can also be used for the bondage section of foreplay. 

10. Dual Stimulation Toys 

When it comes to adult toys, the more stimulation they offer the better. Flexible vibrators are better at adapting to all kinds of bodies and can lead to better orgasms. 

A vibrator that can flex to stimulate both the vagina and clitoris can improve your sex life whether you have a partner or are living your best life as a single person. 

Start Exploring Adult Sex Toys Today 

Exploring your sexuality with adult sex toys can be a lot of fun. The variety of toys can be intimidating if you’re new to sex toys. Hopefully, this guide helps you find something new to try in the bedroom. 

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