Fun Honeymoon Venues: Where can you spend yours?

When couples get married, they not only look forward to a lifetime together but for some, they anticipate their honeymoon time and usually a lot of preparations go into looking for the perfect place for their honeymoon. Are you a soon to be bride or groom looking for a nice and fun place to spend your honeymoon with your spouse? Do you know some fun honeymoon venues?  In this article, there will be some suggestions on some cool places you can visit. Who says you cannot spend your honeymoon in Nigeria? Most times when people speak of honeymoon tales, what comes to the minds of people is an exotic place outside Nigeria. It would interest you to know that Nigeria is equally blessed with some very nice and fun honeymoon venues you can visit.

Fun Honeymoon Venues:

Sheraton Hotel:

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort (2)

This is one of the fun honeymoon venues in Nigeria you would really enjoy spending time in. This hotel is a long standing hotel and its reputation has been built over time. Are you aware that this hotel holds a buffet feast every weekend? I am very sure you would love to participate in this as it is normally accompanied with lots of exotic foods. Sheraton hotel has nice swimming pools and lots of facilities. Its rooms are spacious and meals served there are simply delicious.

Obudu Cattle Ranch:

Fun Honeymoon Venues (2)

If you want a place far away from home, you should pay a visit to Obudu Cattle Ranch which is one of the fun honeymoon venues you would not want to miss out on. In this place, you will be surrounded by nature and you will be able to participate in activities like riding horses, watching birds, and golfing. What makes this place unique is the way the houses there are designed. They are styled in a traditional way and they are not the usual kinds of houses but huts.

Whispering Palms Resort:

Fun Honeymoon Venues (3)

This resort is a very beautiful place couples can spend their honeymoon. It is one of the fun honeymoon venues you will not regret visiting because it is surrounded by nature like the cool breeze, tall palm trees, birds and animals. Just like its name; when you are there it would seem as if the palm trees are speaking to you as the cool breeze makes the trees give a whooshing sound.

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort:

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Of all the fun honeymoon venues, I think I like this one better. This is because of the nice views the resort gives. Not only does it have an amazing landscape but it also has lots of rocks and guess what? Its springs are both cold and warm, isn’t that cool? One would imagine that a spring should be cold and not warm as well but this combination is so wonderful.

Eko Tourist Resort:

This resort is just like a retreat as there are so many activities couples can engage in to bond more with each other.

Eko Resort & Spa:

Not everyone goes to a spa right? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to visit one. Mind you; men go to spas too so avail yourself of this cool place which is not only a resort but also a spa. It is very relaxing and has a restaurant that serves real African dishes.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort:

Fun Honeymoon Venues

As a child, I use to visit this place to have fun with my family. If as a child, I could enjoy myself in this place then just imagine the kind of fun couples can have in such a place. It is a romantic getaway couples can indulge in to spend their honeymoon.

To spend your honeymoon in really nice places, you’ll have to spend some money so why don’t you have fun with your spouse by making your honeymoon one you will always remember.

I believe you and your spouse would enjoy spending time in any of these fun honeymoon venues. Have you visited any of these places? Do let us know…

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