Five Engaging Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Five Engaging Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

They say long distance romances are a fool’s path. With modern technology and some old fashion means of communication, long distance love affairs can maintain a healthy and long life. With these five creative methods a long distance relationship will become adventurous and take on a deeper tone.Five Engaging Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Planned Getaways

With the advent of Groupon and Living Social, there are many deep discounted mini getaways being offered daily. Plan around a desired destination. Do not include the towns you already live in. Use local apps to find discounted activities so you can explore the destination together. Stay away from heavy tourist spots and peak travel dates. Exploring a new city, town or village can be a thrill of a lifetime for both.

Reading Together

Another tool to come closer emotionally and intellectually is reading a book together. Agree on a common genre or Author and reading method. One method is chapter to chapter. Each read the same chapter and discuss in an engaging manner on what was read. Maybe choose books that have a desired destination included. This could tie into the mini getaway method in the paragraph above; creating a full rounded experience together.


Music knows no distance. Find out each other’s preferred music preferences. Create an online music playlist that can be easily download on phones and tablets. Be creative by adding your own choices you’d think your partner would enjoy. Share these lists. Weather on the road, at the gym or doing chores a home, listening to a shared music list strengthens a couple’s bond despite the long distance.


Nothing is greater than the ritual of getting mail. Care-packages are a wonderful tradition of giving and joy . Be true to yourself when either writing a card, letter or putting a care package together. Be bold in your care package items. From bath soaps, sports tickets, dry food items or an outlandish t shirt; a care-package shows your thoughtfulness and humor.


Arguably the best option on the modern phone, Facetime or video chatting has come of age. With clear picture technology it feels intimate and engaging. Weather chatting about each other’s day or bigger life events, video chatting gives a couple the visual validation of each other’s conversations. Set a video chat date once a week, have meals and drinks by your side for the event. Be ready to talk about items from the list above. Shared books, music and potential mini getaway adventures crystallizes when seeing the excitement in your partner’s face.

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