One Secret That Will Make Your Man Remain Faithful To The Relationship

One Secret That Will Make Your Man Remain Faithful To The Relationship

Several women were asked, what is the one thing you want to see in the man you’re in relationship with? Over 85% of them said they want a man who is faithful, and that is the most important thing in any relationship.

No wonder all women crave for a faithful husband who will be there for them every time as long as they live. The pain of cheating on women is very severe and as a result, it is a no go area when they want to consider a man to be their potential suitor, they won’t dare go near any man that they think might cheat on them.

One Secret That Will Make Your Man Remain Faithful To The RelationshipBut how can you get your man to be faithful? In this present age, where women are becoming skilful every day with their attractive clothing, dressing that’ll always make every man to take a second look at them, tight fitted skirt that can provoke any man sexual thought.

This is serious issue to think about, it really make women feel jealous at times when they see ladies around their men, whether they are just friends or co-workers. However, there is a good news about keeping your man faithful and be committed to your marriage and or relationship.

There is hormone called OXYTOCIN, this hormone work in such a way to keep a man’s eye, mind and heart focus on the women she love even if he’s being surrounded by many tightly fitted skirts with hot legged women.

How will this hormone help your man to be faithful?

Oxytocin has been known to be very much involve in attraction between partners in love, it spark the attraction and make them feel romantically desire each other. No wonder, it is also called “Cuddle Hormone” because of the way it is being produced most in the body when there is contact between men and women in love with each other.

To keep your man faithful with the help of oxytocin, you’ll need to help him increase his level of oxytocin and when that is done, he will remain bonded with you and it also help him keep distance to the attractive women parading themselves around him.

How to increase your man oxytocin level

To help your man oxytocin level goes north, here are what you need to do to achieve that.

  • Ensure you have a deep eyes contact with him when in conversation; oxytocin level is always on the increase when you make deep eye contact with someone you love, it will just rush into his bloodstream, it also does the same thing with you as well.
  • Offer to give him a tender massage when he’s back from office, especially if his day’s is stressful. Massaging does incredibly well in boosting oxytocin level.
  • Oxytocin is also release when you share meal time with your partner, it help both of you to talk, lock eyes with each other and thus produce an amazing level of oxytocin.
  • Send him sparkling sexy text message when he’s away from home, that you can’t wait to catch him this night, is going to be excitement galore. When he thinks about you romantically, his oxytocin level also increase although not as much as when there is a physical contact like kissing.
  • The largest amount of oxytocin is release when you’re mating doing your “in-to-in”, the longer you stay doing it, the more oxytocin is being produced in the bloodstream.

You can be sure of his faithfulness to the cause of the relationship if you can do all of this for him to keep faith in the relationship. Any man that goes out to cheat on a woman that does the points mention above, need to see a psychologist for psychoanalysis.

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2 thoughts on “One Secret That Will Make Your Man Remain Faithful To The Relationship”

  1. Im nt always free with ma boyfriend and he would always talk about sex and i dnt think i am ready.. what can i do course i love him

    1. Hello Folashade,
      The truth is that, every guy will want to talk about s.ex when in relationship with you, but it if your responsibility to let him knows that you’re not ready for that.

      It is important you don’t starting sleeping with him at the beginning of your relationship, if you have been doing that with him, it will be difficult for you to stop it. But if you have not given in for him to have your canal knowledge, you can still stand your grand but not to totally denied him of other romantic satisfaction.
      Define your relationship with him and if he’s not comfortable with your terms, you may have to elsewhere for love except if you want to give in. But remember that having sex with a guy is not a guarantee that he’s going to marry you.

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