The First Thing Men Notice About Women And How To Enhance It

The First Thing Men Notice About Women And How To Enhance It

If you want to get men’s attention, you will need to properly take care of the first thing they notice about you. Still wondering, what actually is the first thing men notice about woman?

Well, not what most people think and you as well, except you have been able to take notice of it by yourself, and not rely on what someone else said. In the past, people have thought that, men first notice female breast, but it has been proven over time now that, female breast is not the first thing men notice about women.

The First Thing Men Notice About Women And How To Enhance ItThe first thing is actually the “eyes”, don’t be surprise with that revelation, it is just the plain truth and nothing else.

In the top ten of what men do notices in women at first, her breast only take the third position and that is after the eyes and smile. Good eyes with a beautiful smile will make any man to take a pause and give any woman the second look any day any time.

Eyes tell a lot about a person, and it is what men see in your eyes as a woman, that makes them want to know you. It reveals a lot about you to men and they are drawn to you because of the much information your eyes pass to them.

Because of the power of your eyes, statistic shows that, one in five men has walked into another person, all because his eyes landed on the opposite sex eyes.

Here are the top 10 of what guys notice about women; Eyes, Smile, Breast, Hair, Weight, Legs, Dress sense, Butt, Height & Skin.

How then do you enhance your eyes to catch many men’s attention for good?

Well, the use of makeup will help you look great if properly applied but makeup can’t be used at all time and you never know when men will start starring at you. The best way is to look your natural best and sparingly apply makeup, should if you get to meet any man when you least expected, the difference will not be noticed. [Read; Skin care practice and beauty tips for everyday]

If you have eyes defects, make us of proper eye glass to enhance you look and always eat fruits that have lots of Vitamin A.

Green tea and Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua), both of them add much benefit to the eyes. Brew up some green tea with one or both and drink the tea, or soak some cotton balls in the tea and place them or the teabags directly over your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes. Green tea works in such a way to helps calm eyes and relieves puffiness while Chrysanthemum is most helpful to the eyes by reducing dryness, irritating, and scratchy eyes.

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