Facebook New Design More Beautiful, Colorful and How to Get In Early

Facebook New Design More Beautiful, Colorful and How to Get In Early

Facebook announced the new layout on Thursday March 7, 2013, the new design is more colorful, vibrant, beautiful and much more enticing that any of the previous layout. The last time there was major change on Facebook layout like this, was in 2006.

In this new layout, there will no more clustering of pictures, images, and feeds, in fact the Facebook new design will reduce clutter and focus more of stories shared by your friends and loved ones. It is design in such a vibrant and beautiful way that it will highlight the content that your friends are sharing. Everything including news article, photos, events and map will be fancier, brighter and much more beautiful.

facebook new designfacebook new designFor you to actually see all the stories you really want to see, the following feature have been added to the new feeds so that you can explore more

All Friends: A feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing

Photos: A feed with nothing but photos from your friends and the Pages you like

Music: A feed with posts about the music you listen to

Following: A feed with the latest news from the Pages you like and the people you follow.

The facebook new design, the appearance of pictures, image, feeds all stuffs will look the same thing whether you’re on mobile handset, android, tablet, desktop, iPad, iPhone and all gadget or devices  you use to access Facebook. For example, the left-hand menu is accessible anywhere you go on Facebook. You also have a way to jump right to the top of News Feed whenever new stories come in.

The Facebook new design will be rolling out gradually on mobile and web. If you want to get in early and start to explore the brighter, vibrant, beautiful and more colorful interface of Facebook new design, follow the step below.

How to Get in Early into Facebook New Design

To get in early into the Facebook new design, you will have to join the waiting list of others that have already opted to join by clicking of this link now Get Early into Facebook New Design, when you’re there, just click on the rectangular green button that says JOIN THE WAITING LIST.

When you click on it, the green button will turn grey and it will show you; You’re on the list, then a pup up or prompt will appear saying; “We’ll let you know as soon as you can try out the new look”

That all, wait for it and you will be contacted to start experiencing the Facebook new design.

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