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Are you prepared for facebook browser that is rumour to be coming soon? The browser will integrate social networking with online life of so many facebook lovers which will make it easy to browse and at the same time experience their facebook life as never before. Rumors have emerged today that Mark Zuckerberg has his eye on what might be Facebook’s first major post-IPO acquisition.

When I first come across RockMelt browser and all it’s features, I thought it a facebook browser because of the way facebook is integrated into the browser with other social networking sites like www.dig.com, www.twitter.com, stumbleUpon, reddit, GooglePlus and the rest of them. But it is not a facebook browser is just an ordinary browser out there.

Facebook is preparing to snap up Opera Software. If the Opera company is unfamiliar to you, they’re the makers of the Opera browser, and they have a good dominance in mobile internet browsing. Opera which has over 200 million users worldwide since it existence back in 1996.

According to Miles’ sources, Facebook is interested in redesigning the web-browsing tool to serve their over 900 million user accounts in finding what they want online. If this rumor holds water, the social networking powerhouse would move from a destination point to the entire damn road for some.
A Facebook-Opera mashup, if integrated search is included, would also immediately give intermittent number one browser Google Chrome and competitors Firefox and Internet Explorer a run for their search money (and advertising dollars).
A Facebook browser would also bolster the newly public company’s competition with Google. Google Chrome recently became the web’s most-used browser, but Facebook’s gigantic user base of more than 900 million people would present a potential serious threat down the line. It would be interesting to see Facebook try to battle Google for browser dominance as Google+ struggles to play catchup in social networking.
What are your thoughts? Will you leave Google Chrome for the Facebook browser coming soon with integrated plugins to make your social sharing easier?

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