Eye color and brown eyes makeup

This article discusses tips to brown eyes makeup but before we get to that let’s first of all talk about eye color. Eye color is determined by lots of genes which are received from parents at birth. It is believed by scientists believe that at least three basic genes contributes to eye color.

The brown eyed gene dominates the blue and green eyed genes. This is why genetically, brown eyes are much more universal due to the fact  that an individual basically require one brown eyed gene to have this eye color while an individual would require a lot of  blue eyed genes without a brown eyed genes, to have blue eyes.

brown eyes makeup

Brown eyes makeup: Makeup and Brown Eyes

In terms of make up, individuals with brown eyes are very  lucky. The majority of makeup colors pair up perfectly with brown eyes. Brown eyes makeup is thus far more simpler and easier than any form of  eye color.

Women with brown eyes color can experiment with different color and have fun boosting their eyes look.

Dark brown eye color go well with dark eye shadow color. Brown eyes makeup colors include deep plums, browns, greens and grays. If you want to wear a metallic brown eyes makeup lipstick , go with gold or bronze to actually pop out your eye color.

Lighter brown eyes can wear lighter versions of the same colors of brown eyes makeup. For example a beautiful green or violet may work well. Neutral colors appear beatiful in the day and metallic brown eyes makeup can make brown eyes pop at night. Brown eyes can support dark eyeliner and brown or black mascaras.

A few people may ask if Lasik eye surgery affects a person’s eye color? The answer is no, Lasik does not affect your eye color. There is nevertheless a distinct Laser eye surgery that can in reality alter eye color from brown to blue eyes. Brown melanin, which is present in the anterior layers of the iris, is carefully eliminated thus revealing the blue which is underneath.

The laser procedure works by getting rid of the brown melanin that’s present in the front parts of  the iris.

Common Eye Defect for Brown Eyes:

A few research shows that people with brown eyes are in fact at a lower risk of suffering from melanoma of the eye known as intraocular melanoma.

This is as a result of the fact that brown eyes is made up of more pigment than blue eyes and are more capable of blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

Even though brown eyes may sift sunlight better and reduce eye cancer risks, this doesn’t exclude people with dark eyes from using sunglasses. Some A few studies suggest that cataracts are more frequently seen in individuals with brown eyes.

People with brown eyes are most likely to suffer from vitiligo than people with blue eyes.

Vitiligo is an eye condition that results in white patches to develop on the skin. These patches are a result of a loss of melanin.

Since people with blue eyes frequently possess less melanin in the skin, they are less likely to develop vitiligo condition. A recent research showed that 43 percent of participants with vitiligo had brown eyes against 27 percent of the entire people who takes part in the research.

A few people feel that brown eyes find it more difficult to read than lighter eye colors. This is one reason why people with dark eyes are taken to be strange. The iris, or dark spot in the center of the eye, dilates with the alteration of mood and interest. These alterations are readily observed on people with lighter brown eye colors, but can be hard to observe in dark eyes.

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