The Effect Of Snoring On Your Relationship And How To Overcome It

The Effect Of Snoring On Your Relationship And How To Overcome It

One of the disturbing factors in every relationship and marriage is when your partner does snore at night when you’re both sleeping on the same bed. The effect is so great that many couples try to even avoid sleeping in the same room with their partner in order to get some good sleep for themselves during the night.

There’s no doubt about the important of sleep to our nature, it’s so much important to our cognitive functioning, physical health and our metal health. It has also been proven overtime that lack of sleep will affect the way we reason and act at a particular situation. One will feel depressed, irritant and often time our anxiety level is being raised and our mood is also seriously affected.

The Effect Of Snoring On Your Relationship And How To Overcome ItIf sleep is so important like this, how on earth will you allow someone to deny you of your sleep? It doesn’t matter if it your partner, children or friends. But this thing do happen everywhere, especially if the snorer is your partner, you’re going to have a hard time sleeping in the same room with him or her.

Sleeping in another room can never stop the cause of snoring and it can never let you enjoy the cuddling at night with your partner. There’s no reason why you’ll need to sleep in a separate room when you’ve gotten a partner especially in marriage.

In fact, trying to avoid your partner at night as a result of snoring will even give more power to the snoring as no one try to obstruct it when it kick-off. Couplehood will be damaged, sex life will almost reduce to no sex at all and if the issue is not addressed, it will often bring in resentment which will put your relationship and or marriage into deeper trouble that can lead to separation.

So, how can you overcome snoring or help your partner to overcome it

Often times, the snoring partner can’t really help himself/herself, the best you can hear is, just nudge me whenever I begin to snore and I will roll on my side thereby cutting off the snoring. But this solution is just a few minutes and thereafter the snoring resume again. The circle can go on till daybreak which means one partner suffers lack of sleep over the night. Even people that snore at night don’t have proper sleep and their sleep too is deficient of the mental functioning.

To find solution to snoring will require you to find out why you snore and if you know why you snore, that will help you to look for the effective solution to deal with the snoring.

Your sleeping position says much about your snoring pattern and the best way to understand this is to involve your partner which I know (he/she) will be very much interested in helping you to get out of your snoring challenge at night.

Other cause of snoring is when you’re overweight – doing some exercise will help you to reduce snoring caused by being overweight.

If you smoke, you’re likely to snore because your air passage often time will be block which will prevent proper breathing at night and the resulting effect is to start snoring trying to make up for the improper breathing pattern. Alcohol and taking some medication also fall within this pattern.

Sleeping on your side is also very effective in finding a lasting solution to snoring problem. When your sleep on your back, your air passage is likely to be inhibited and thus prevent proper breathing.

In my next post, I will be sharing with you other effective ways to stop snoring and some of which include; using tennis ball trick, the kind of exercise you need to clear your throat and the rest of them. Click Here to read about the effective approach to permanently stop snoring.

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