Easily Avoidable Errors Men Make When Dating Online

As a dating coach, I view plenty of men’s profiles on online dating sites. Some of the guys who use my VIP coaching program ask me to evaluate their profiles after making suggested changes. The majority of guys get it but there are some gentlemen that are unable to see problems even after getting professional dating tips.

Here is the list of typical (and easily avoidable) errors that men make when dating online.

Typical Errors Men Make on Online Dating SitesEasily Avoidable Errors Men Make When Dating Online

1. Bad profile photo (or no photo at all)

If you want to attract a female, the simplest thing is to look attractive yourself. Badly lit shots from bathrooms or blurry selfies don’t make women want to get to know you. Think how you would dress for a first date with the lady of your dreams and use this as your outfit for the main profile photo. Semi-nude pictures in bathrooms and gyms don’t make ladies want you; they make them puke.

2. Brainless texts

How many girls will be thrilled by your interest in computer games, what do you think? Absolutely 0%, I can assure you. But I see this “hobby” listed in men’s profiles time and again. This is not the only thing that puts women off. Check girls’ pages: What do they actually want? Is it something you can offer and aspire for, too? Use women’s expressions to speak in their language. It will help you to connect.

3. Not contacting women

I do not understand guys who list profiles on online dating sites but do not contact girls. What was the purpose of joining then? Are you hoping females will flood your inbox with messages? If you are on a premium dating site, ladies do expect you to make the first move. Some of them may send you an expression of interest or you can see them visiting your page but it’s you who is supposed to initiate contact. If you are not going to do that, you are wasting everybody’s time.

4. Empty messages

I cannot say how many times I got complaints and questions from women asking what to do with guys sending messages of the type, “Hi, how are you?” “I am great, how are you?” or what else am I supposed to respond? In the real world, this could be an acceptable opening but online ladies expect something more than a simple “Hi.” They would like to hear a compliment and find out why you have selected her to start a conversation with. In other words, assume you got already, “I am great, how are you?” answer from her, what’s next?

5. Not leading anywhere

Have the idea in mind what is your plan if she answers positively to your interest. Sure, you’d like to chat and get to know each other slightly better, but dribbling around without any purpose is extremely annoying to girls. If you suggest a goal as to where are you moving towards (having a coffee on the weekend or inviting her to join you for a gallery opening) would be something for her to look forward to. It feels sometimes that some guys don’t even believe that a girl might say, “Yes” to them.

These typical errors are easy to avoid when dating online. Simply changing these little things can improve your success rate substantially.

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elena-petrovaElena Petrova is the founder of Elenasmodels.com and a dating coach with 17-year experience in the industry of relationships. She is married with 2 kids and lives on the breathtaking Gold Coast in Australia. In her spare time Elena enjoys sailing, cruising, and studying martial arts.

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