If You Don’t Want to Lose Your Boyfriend Don’ Say This to Him

If You Don’t Want to Lose Your Boyfriend Don’ Say This to Him

For some  women, it is easy for them to find boyfriend while for some others, it is not always an easy thing to find an ideal man to call their boyfriend. Whether you’re in the category of the easy find or not too easy find, certain words are not supposed to be said to your boyfriend if you don’t want to lose him to other women waiting out there.

If You Don’t Want to Lose Your Boyfriend Don’ Say This to HimWhat words am I talking about here, well, the word though look like a nice compliment, and you might thing you’re trying to show how you feel about him, but being that men are logical in their thinking, it will be taken to another level where you do not expect it. Don’t blame them, they are being rationale.

The words or statement like; “you are so much better than all the other jerk I have ever dated in the past”

Now, let take a critical look at this statement why guys will take it meaning to be something else.

First off, your boyfriend will figure it out that, there is one constant thing in all of these your past relationship, and that only one thing must have been the wrong thing why all of them left you, and the one thing is YOU. You are the constant problem with all of your jerk boyfriends they supposed.

Another point here is that, if you regard all other guys you’ve dated as jerk because you’re not in that relationship anymore, definitely, you will refer him too as jerk if things don’t go well again. And this can cause you your relationship because; he will not be building that strong bong of good relationship with you because the above statement makes him weak.

How then do you compliment him nicely with statement like this?

Simple, don’t mention ex in any of your complimentary statement to him. Men don’t want to hear you mention your ex to their ear when in relationship with you, you don’t have to remind him of your ex, it is a thorn in the flesh of men and you shouldn’t let them feel the pain.

You’ll be better with statement like this; “I’m having a wonderful fun with you and I have never met such a nice guy like you before”. In this statement, ex is never mention, it is sweet to the hearing of men that the previous statement. [Please read; why women should know that not all men are the same]

Have you ever said this to your boyfriend? Either yes or no, I will love to hear what you think about this statement you shouldn’t say to your boyfriend, if you don’t want to lose him to other woman.

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