DIY Details For Flower Girls

DIY Details For Flower Girls

Wedding day is the most important day in bride’s life but it can be equally important for little princesses that will proudly wear the title of the flower girls on this special occasion. Wedding ceremonies always have that fairytale feel to them, especially to girls, so making this day memorable and unique for them will not only put a smile on their faces but will also warm the hearts of every guest.

Go for a headband

DIY Details For Flower Girls 1Instead of flower crowns opt for a headband that you can easily customize with some fake flowers, ribbons and pearls. Going for a headband is much more practical because crowns can soon become annoying for your little flower girl and she can try to take it off thus ruining her pretty hairstyle. There is no such problem with headbands because they are a lot more comfortable and can be taken off easily. Pick a simple one in white or wedding theme color and glue the flowers and other bits and pieces to it and you are done in no time!

Transform regular baskets

DIY Details For Flower Girls 1No flower girl can go down the aisle behind the bride without a basket of flowers. You can get cheap baskets anywhere that have a gorgeous form and spray paint them in white or some other pastel color. Then decorate the basket with ribbons and flowers and place a lot of flower petals that go well with the theme of the wedding inside. It will be much easier for your flower girl to throw petals around and a lot more fun, than whole flower heads.

Accessorize the dress

DIY Details For Flower Girls 2Beautiful dresses are the biggest joy for flower girls. You can make flower girl dresses more princess-like by adding additional tulle at the skirt part, making the poof bigger and more glamorous. Do not worry if the dress is in some color that you cannot find for extra material. White will always go great in these occasions as a combination with any other color. Moreover, use ribbons or lace for belts and decorations on the sleeves and skirt. You can also sew the flowers onto the skirt part of the dress that would go perfectly with the flowers at the wedding ceremony.

One-of-a-kind jewelry

Why not make your flower girl feel even more special by making her some custom jewelry? From simple techniques such as braiding the ribbons while adding pearls to some more elaborate ones in form of using strings, needles and variety of pearls, you are bound to make your girly girl even more beautiful. The best thing about making your own jewelry is that there are many tutorials online that you could use for an inspiration.

Comfortable and pretty footwear

Not all pre-made shoes for flower girls are appropriate for their age and can cause them some serious discomfort during the ceremony. In order to avoid any moodiness of your little princess at the time of the wedding, get some nice white plain-looking ballet shoes that will ease her movement and comfort. You can add additional details yourself, again by gluing flowers or ribbons, or drawing on them with some glitter markers specially made for fabric use.

All that is left is to tend to your girl’s needs before her big part in the ceremony so that she is completely satisfied and willing to participate. Predict and prevent any possible mishaps by carrying a bag of essentials to correct anything that might go wrong, from detached flowers to a runny nose.

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