How To Develop Personal Relationship With Your Child To Love Reading

How To Develop Personal Relationship With Your Child To Love Reading

I have not seen any parent who does not want her child to learn reading as the child is growing up. But how many parents really develop the genuine interest is making sure the child get enough encouragement to start learning to read as early as possible.

You may not believe this, that it is really crazy out there in the elementary schools, lots of these elementary teacher do not really know how to teach children to read. Most of them have already been thought on how to make children be interested in ready, but the reality is that, they don’t know how to really impact this knowledge.

How To Develop Personal Relationship With Your Child To Love ReadingIt seem only about twenty five per cent of kids learn to reading by almost perception, the rest of the 75% do need special instruction that will be explicit enough else, they do struggle to read.

If your children are not making progress on reading from simple books to harder and tougher ones, then you need to develop the personal relationship with them to know what their difficulties in learning to read progressively are.

Importantly, if you notice decline in your children eagerness to read, it is very necessary you seek to meet the teacher in charge of your children. Find out from him/her, to tell you or describe to you, what specific skill he or she notice that you children are lacking.

Whatever the teacher’s responses maybe, ask her how is he/she intending to ensure the kids are progressing in their reading? I’m sure you’ll get a response but you need to ask further to clarify things; how is that instructional method different from what he/she has tried before?

Don’t take this from any of your kids’ teacher or even listen to them saying any of these words

  • She’ll catch up
  • Don’t worry, he’s a boy. Boys always learn to read more slowly.
  • Your child is reading more slowly because you are not speaking English at home.
  • They just need to repeat the grade to give them more time.

All of the above pointed reasons are not good enough for your children to be falling behind.

Lastly, here is a unique way to develop that personal relationship with your child to love reading. [You may also read; Learn to do it the right ways, the kind of value you should be teaching your children.]

Show learning and reading habit yourself

Your children need to see you learning new things and reading often, this will make them wanting imitate you and or be like you. children always want to learn what their parents are doing, and how they relate to each other, so that get used to it and it’ll become part of them.

Particularly, boys are more likely to love and hold on to reading when their fathers read to them and also read at home themselves.

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