How Not To Be Desperate To Easily Find Your Woman

How Not To Be Desperate To Easily Find Your Woman

Are you still looking for the right girl, lady or woman that matches the kind of life you’re living? Or you’re feeling lonely and you feel you need a woman in your life to make you complete. Well, whatever it is, you should not appear to be desperate as you search for the love of your life.

How Not To Be Desperate To Easily Find Your WomanBeing desperate will only worsen your situation of finding the right woman for your life. Women have that instinct in them, that will make them easily known that you’re desperate, you’re not happy with yourself and your loneliness life is driving you into desperation to find the kind of woman that will fit your life.

Chances are you won’t be able to meet these women once they know you’re desperate in the search for a woman. They are aware that, once you are not happy with yourself, no woman will make you happy and they don’t want to live with someone who does not have the strength to motivate himself to happiness without depending on another person for his happiness.

You will continue to search in desperation for the right woman but you won’t be able to find the right one, except the one that will capitalize on your desperation, get in and obtain whatever she want from you and then leave you with your life.

But once you’re able to take a life of desperation out of your searching for the right woman, you can easily find the right woman for yourself, and you will be able to think well before even going to ask any woman out. Desperate guys don’t reason well before asking any woman out, they just want somebody in their life.

Here are few other things to help you not to appear desperate about finding the right woman.

Show boldness and speak with confidence

Oftentimes, desperate guys find it very difficult to show boldness and speak with confidence, because of their desperation, they are not even sure of themselves anymore. They just want to meet the available woman and somehow talk their way into her. Their desperation will drive them to continue pressing on one particular woman on and on, that at the end it will make them look like a stalker.

No woman will say yes to such people because, she knows you are desperate and desperate boyfriend cannot be right for her. She won’t to go into relationship with someone who can’t think well with his brain. So, if you want to find woman easily that will believe in you, you need to show lots of boldness and the way you’ll speak to her will show you’re confidence in your approach. [Read; How to turn your friend into girlfriend]

Try to leave conversation on high

This is when you’re at the peak of your conversion with her, you will let her know that you just have to leave the conversation now and go, because you have other important things to do. I know this is somehow not easy especially when you’re speaking with someone you think you love. You will want to speak and speak until probably one of you is tired or there is no more words to say anymore. I know that, at times, guys will not want to let her go even if she’s tired of the conversation, they fear losing her because they are desperate on hooking her.

The end result of this is that, it shows you’re a stalker and the chance of you losing her is very high. Why should you leave the conversation on high? The reason being that, it will make her desire you more; it shows her that you have other important things in your life, you have a life on your own and you’re not a stalker.

When you initiate a conversation with her the next time you call or meet her, she will be eager to talk to you, she will be happy that you include her as part of the important person to share your time with despite your other important engagement.

Waste no time on someone that shows not interest

It is only desperate guys that will continue to pursue a woman that shows no interest to whatever he has to say. You shouldn’t be doing that, because the more you run after her, the worse the case will be for you. She has already seen it in you that you’re desperate, so even if she will want to consider listening to you the next time she sees you, she will definitely changes her mind.

You should know that, there are so many other beautiful women out there, even much more beautiful than the one you’re running after. If one woman is not responding to your advances, turn to other ones, surely there are women who are ready to listen to whatever you want to say and either agree with you or not. But if you continue to run after woman who has shown no interest in you, you will continue to live your singleness life.

Until you are able to change your approach, you will not meet the right woman that is meant for you, you can even end up with desperate woman too and that will make your situation worse than the loneliness you felt when you’re still single. [Also read; How to overcome relationship frustration]

So, use these few ideas, to set yourself free of desperation when you’re looking for the right woman for long term relationship.

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