The Ultimate Approach To Turn Your Friend Into Girlfriend

The Ultimate Approach To Turn Your Friend Into Girlfriend

Most of the best relationship in this world start from friendship and thereafter progresses to long lasting relationship, although it may be somewhat challenging to initiate the process of turning your friend into girlfriend.

The Ultimate Approach To Turn Your Friend Into GirlfriendI have been receiving lots of messages about how this can be done from this blog, although, I’ve been giving individual some quick way to go about it, but I know it can be better than that. Now is the time for the full showdown, using the ultimate approach to turn your friend into your girlfriend.

It is advisable not to just jump from friendship into relationship without taking proper measure. Weigh the consequences and determine if it is right for you to go deeper than just being friend. You need to ask yourself several questions in this way, because if you think you need a relationship and maybe you feel some loneliness within you, then you want to try and put your friend to occupy the empty spot, you will be heading on the wrong way.

It will not be ideal to just lose your friend cheaply like that; you’ve worked hard together trusting one another and have been a very good friend. Taking the wrong approach will only jeopardize all of the friendship you’ve been building all these years or months.

So, what do you need to do if you have made up your mind to turn your friend into your girlfriend?

The steps below will help you in actualizing that successfully. It is all what you need to do to ensure your conversion from just being friend into intimate friend with deeper meaning.

1. Deviate from what she knows you for.

Yes! This is the first approach you will need to take, do the unusual she never expected from you. What I mean here is that, try and take some step back and don’t go often to see her as you used to before. Of course you have something off your sleeve, and the purpose of stepping back a bit is to allow her to miss you. While you’re showing less interest in her, don’t completely ignore her.

Just stop doing favour for her all the time, some of which she knows surely known you’ll do for her. Instead you may even be asking her for such favour. Contrary to what people believe, when you show favour to a girl, you tend to like her the more, not in the other way round where she will like you more. If she can show you favour, you’re already on your way of turning your friend into your girlfriend.

2. Let her see the kind of boyfriend material you possess.

If you have successfully carried out the first step above, the next thing now is to take it further from the stepping back as explained above. In this regards, come back with more of boyfriend rather than just ordinary friend. Whatever you’ll be doing here, don’t make it sensual but act like her boyfriend without her even noticing it.

Start to hang out with her more than usual, show that you know more about her and even tell her some of what she like most in a fun full like flirting but don’t introduce sexual feeling into it, just be attractive and fun to be with.

Follow her to event or party just as a good boyfriend will follow her girlfriend and ensure you act as if you’re her boyfriend. You’re stylishly telling her what is on your mind without opening your mouth at this stage. Be good and be caring always to her, ensure that you earn her trust so that, she can expect to see you by her side in good and bad times.

3. Go beyond just being friend barrier.

You know when you’re just friend, there are some certain area that are no.. no.. no, but this time around you’ll need to go beyond that area like with flirtation, start to add some sexy kind of flirting into it. Don’t go weird in your approach because you’re still unsure of her reaction yet. Look into her eyes and hold it longer than usual with smile every time you do that.

Hold her hand too longer than the way you used to hold her but in all of these, always observe her reaction through her body language. If she’s smiling and laughing with you while you’re going beyond normal friend level, chances are she’s welcoming you into the new level. But if she’s not feeling comfortable with it, feeling weird and pulling away from you, then she’s not ready for that new level you want to take her into.

4. Go for the gold

If by this time, there is no restriction on your way, it is time to make your ultimate move. Just go ahead and tell her with all honesty, how you feel for her and what you want from her. I know it can be hard if you started thinking of the negative outcome but having an honest conversation is the clearest way to express your feelings and find out hers.

Once she felt the same way you’re feeling, it is time to talk about how you’ll love the relationship to progress.  And if the time is right, you can even go for the kiss.

What could be your major obstacle with this approach of turning your friend into girlfriend? Feel free to share your concern about it and if you find it article interesting enough, please do share it with any of the social media icons below.

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