Deep Psychological Questions to open your Mind

It’s a bit boring when you spend too much time with someone. You run out of topics as the shallow conversations and gossip simply are not amusing anymore. At one point in the relationship, talking about the day and weather conditions will not satisfy you.

Although many people don’t like to ask deep questions directly whenever they met someone, but you can think about it. So, we have decided to list some deep psychological questions here to explore someone’s mind a little more.

Deep Psychological Questions

Remember that many people don’t like to talk about these topics depending upon their position. So, try to choose the questions wisely. Let’s see some journal deep psychological questions that can open up anyone’s mind.

40 Deep Psychological Questions

  1. If you have a chance to go into an era, where you want to go?
  2. Would you like to leave your country now? If yes, where you want to go?
  3. What is the philosophy of your life?
  4. Are you believe in God? Let me know your perceptions?
  5. If you have a chance to change a thing about your life, which you want to change?
  6. What is the biggest problem of this world you want to fix?
  7. Let suppose you have only one week to live, what you want to do during this time?
  8. What advice you want to give to your younger fellows?
  9. What was one experience of your life that completely change your life?
  10. Anything which you want to accomplish in your life?
  11. What was the best and worst phase of your life?
  12. What do you do when you see your neighbors abusing their child?
  13. Which are your three most favorite friends whose you want to invite to dinner?
  14. If you have a chance to choose a superpower, which superpower you want to choose?
  15. Anything you like the most about yourself?
  16. Which thing makes your day perfect?
  17. Any worthwhile goal of your life for which you dedicate your life?
  18. Anything for which you can sacrifice your life?
  19. What is the main dream of your life that you want to achieve in your future life?
  20. What you want to do when you are depressed?
  21. What you think about technology, it’s making us dumber or smarter?
  22. Which is the harsh truth of your life that you want to ignore?
  23. What is your opinion about the meaning of your life?
  24. Is it possible to live life without any special goal?
  25. How long do you think people will remember you after you die and why?
  26. Would you like to know about the exact date of your death?
  27. What are the biggest obstacles you face when you are achieving your life goals?
  28. Why too many people are lonely in this world?
  29. Why people pay too much attention to the beauty of others when it comes to functional purposes?
  30. What is most useful in our life, wisdom or intelligence?
  31. How do you want to contribute to society?
  32. For which thing of your life are you most thankful to God?
  33. Are you satisfied with your job? Why?
  34. What do you think you are capable of achieving in your life?
  35. Do you think our life has no purpose and we are living without any reason?
  36. What would be the outside of this universe if it has a border?
  37. How do you define creativity?
  38. If Heaven is real, which of your deeds can lead you to there.
  39. If you have a chance to replicate your life with someone else, which one would you choose?
    40. What is the biggest fear of your life?

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