How To Deal With Emotional Abuse Of Silent Treatment

How To Deal With Emotional Abuse Of Silent Treatment

As contain in the previous post, emotional abuse can be so devastating that if care is not taken, it can create a scar in one’s mind that live for longer time to come. Read it here; How silent treatment can hurt your relationship.

How To Deal With Emotional Abuse Of Silent TreatmentIn most cases, the aim of silent treatment perpetrator is to make the abuser feel bad and make them feel in control and importantly triumph over you once you allow yourself to be annoyed over their action.

In other to get the better side of anyone who engage in silent treatment, you’ll need not feel concern about their action, you to just ignore them and feel even more happier doing something else that will take your mind away them.

Doing this will get them feeling the hurt rather than you feeling it and the most interesting thing here is that, they feel the emotional pain more when you chose not to response or react to their silent treatment strategy of abusing you emotionally.

Get a list of things to do whenever you’re being treated with silent treatment.

With a list of positive things to turn to instead of ruminating over silent treatment perpetrator to get you angry, and react in such a way that will promote their own interest in seeing you feeling an emotional pain. Just take up one of the thing you have on your list and feel happy doing it. If you can even feel excited over what you’ve chosen, you’ll easily get silent treatment perpetrator furious and make him/her feel really bad.

Never appear upset when silent treatment is meted out to you

You see the aim of the perpetrator is to get you upset even for the right thing you do but perceived by them as wrong. And the only way not to feed them their desire outcome is to never appear upset. It is even preferable you get on to something like playing or listening to uplifting music and sometimes music you can dance and or shake your body.

Many men can’t take this, in fact, it will mostly result into verbal abuse and you don’t just have to give a damn. If anyone doesn’t like the way you handle it, let them open up, talk to you and discuss things with you rather than keeping silent to make you look bad about something you don’t even have an idea of.

The truth is that, you can never force your partner to stop silent treatment with any kind of pleading or apologizing. Silent treatment perpetration will have to learn to change their attitude on their own. You can only change yourself and not anyone else, and the change you can make here is to device a mean not to get upset when you’re being treated with silent treatment.

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