Contentment in a Relationship: How can it be achieved?

One certain day, I got thinking and some questions ran through my mind like;

  • Can two people stay faithful to each other for a long time?
  • Can one person stay or be with just one person for the rest of his or her life?
  • Can two people in a relationship be satisfied with one another without wanting the need of someone else?
  • Can there ever be contentment in a relationship?

These questions made me motivated to write on this topic because I have seen people struggle on this issue.

The truth is that no human being can ever be satisfied as our human needs are numerous so also it is in relationships but what makes the difference is how the issue of contentment in a relationship is handled and managed by both party.

One thing I do know is that there can be contentment in a relationship and there are various ways it can be achieved.

Some of those ways are:

Be happy with the partner you have:

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Everybody wants to have the best in life and one of such is having the best partner so to have contentment in a relationship, you have to make up your mind to be happy with the one partner you have.

This is because if your mind is one hundred percent made up that you are okay with who you are, there is nothing that will make you long for more.

Do not be greedy:

Often times, people do not get satisfied with whom they are dating which makes them not content in their relationships.

When you are greedy in your relationship, you tend to want what other people have which you may not get in the long run.

Being greedy makes you expect so much from your partner and if you do not get what you want, you start feeling dissatisfied.

To have contentment in a relationship, you should drop the greedy act and stick to your partner through thick and thin.

Know that nobody is perfect:

Contentment in a relationship should emerge from the fact that you are okay with whom you are and who your partner is.

Nobody can get exactly whom they want but they can be happy with whom they have as long as the love is genuine.

If you therefore decide to jump from one relationship to the next in search of “the right one,” you may be disappointed because he or she doesn’t exist.

Love makes all the difference and when you love someone, all their faults disappear and to me loving someone brings contentment in a relationship.

Know what you want:

The only way you can derive satisfaction or contentment in your relationship is if you know what you want out of that relationship.

Does he or she make you happy? Are you really in love with your partner? Are you content being with that person? Is he or she who you really want or are you just managing the relationship?

Ensure you and your partner are on the same page:

To enjoy contentment in a relationship, both parties must be in sync in all that they do.

If the two of you do not agree in your affairs, there is no way you would be totally happy in your relationship.

To be on the same page in your relationship, the way you communicate with one another should be open.

If you can both trust each other, you should enjoy contentment in your relationship.

Do away with side attractions:

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Sometimes it is hard not to get distracted by other people or certain things but if you are determined to be content with your partner, you must deliberately ignore certain distractions that might derail you from sticking to your partner.

It is very easy to be swayed so being careful should be your watch word so you can fully enjoy your relationship.

Contentment in a relationship is very possible if you set your mind to it.

Are you content in your relationship?

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