8 Signs to show you are Fed up of your Relationship

Have you gotten to the point where you feel fed up of your relationship?

Do not be amazed at this because people do get tired of the relationship they are in for many reasons.

Do you sometimes feel like quitting that relationship?

Have you ever felt like you are wasting your time in that relationship?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then you are indeed tired of your relationship.

Often times in relationships people get fed up but are unaware of the signs.

In this article, you’ll come to know what those signs are that reveal you are fed up of your relationship.

You don’t care anymore:

It gets to a point in a relationship where you just want out of that relationship at all costs.

At this point, you seem not to care about those things you used to care about before.

You find yourself not paying so much attention to some things and just take things as they come.

Your actions and the way you do things will even show that you are tired of that relationship.

The love for your partner reduces:

If you are fed up of your relationship, there’s no way it won’t affect your love towards your partner.

The way you feel could have been as a result of so many factors which would definitely tell in the way you relate with your partner.

Everything you feel for your partner will reduce drastically.

You complain a lot:

8 signs to show you are fed up of your relationship (3)

When you start seeing a lot of fault in your partner which you didn’t used to see before then you are probably fed up of your relationship.

You tend to complain about any little thing your partner does which easily annoys you.

Complaining might make you nag, shout or even scream.

At this point, you do not hesitate so say exactly how you feel regardless of if it hurts the feelings of your partner or not.

You feel choked:

If you are fed up of your relationship, you start feeling as if you’re suffocating.

Normally if you are in love with someone, you always want to spend time with that person. You can’t even do without being with that person.

So for you to feel as if you can’t stand being around that person, you are certainly fed up of your relationship.

You always feel angered:

8 signs to show you are fed up of your relationship

If you are fed up of your relationship, you’ll always feel angered at the mere sight of your partner.

You’ll be angry unnecessarily and his or her actions will always annoy you.

Nothing anyone tells you will make sense:

If you are tired of your relationship, there is no kind of advice you’ll be okay with.

When people have issues in their relationships, other people tend to want to give advice which you may not be comfortable with.

This is because at that point, you feel like you cannot manage your partner anymore.

You also feel like no one understands the way you feel.

You regret knowing your partner:

8 signs to show you are fed up of your relationship (4)

If there’s any point in your relationship where you start regretting ever knowing your partner then know you are fed up of your relationship.

Knowing your partner should be one of the best things to always remember but feeling other wise isn’t a good sign.

When you start regretting such, you also wish you had never met him or her.

You look for ways to break up the relationship:

If you look for any opportunity you have to pick a quarrel with your partner with the sole aim of breaking up, you are fed up of your relationship.

If you throw tantrums and get upset over little silly things, your relationship is surely on the road to break up.

If you are in a relationship, you should look out for these signs so you know when you are getting fed up of your relationship.

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