Colour Effect on Your Moods and Emotions

So many people have not come to notice that the colour in their surrounding and in their home actually affecting their mood and emotion. We just know that we like one particular colour and we want to paint our house in this beautiful colour. We are just attracted to the special colour, and if we see another colour that is contrary to the desired one, we feel moody somehow and our reaction speaks so much about the colour that, this is not my colour.
How Colour Affect Emotion and Mood

The fact remain that colour actually trigger bad mood and good motion and our emotion are affected since our emotion is attached to our mode. This is the reason why an individual prefer to surround himself or herself with colour that will enhance his/her mood so that there can be emotional balances within the body. If you want to give your mood a boost, try changing your home decoration as your surroundings can heavily influence your mood. While red can make some people feel irritable or hostile, yellow communicates happiness and blue aids relaxation, so try accessorising your home with colours that enhance your mood. Research has also suggested that hanging up soothing pictures such as beautiful landscape paintings can positively affect a person’s mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Try these colour psychology tricks to see how they affect you: 
  • Shades of blue can be very calming. A blue room, perhaps a bathroom where you relax in the tub, can enhance feeling of calm and well being.
  • On the other hand, blue is also said to be the least appetizing colour. A blue plate may cause you to eat less.
  • Brown is a colour of the earth that gives you feelings of strength. Brown clothing or furniture may give you a feeling of being connected to nature.
  • The colour purple is connected to wisdom and royalty. It`s also an exotic colour rarely found in nature. Things that are purple attract attention and even suggest authority.
  • Green, a symbol of nature and fertility, has been shown to increase reading speed and memory. Reading something written on green paper may improve your comprehension of it.
Share your experience with us how you feel with a particular colour and is the colour affecting your mood and emotion.

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