Your Wedding Budget: How To Ensure That You Cut Your Coat According To Your Size (2)

How To Ensure That You Cut Your Coat According To Your Size

There are different ways you could save on your wedding expenditures when budgeting your wedding. We have provided below a few useful tips.

Save While Budgeting Your Wedding Through scale of Preference

How To Ensure That You Cut Your Coat According To Your Size

To have a cherished wedding that would not tear your pocket, the bride and the groom really need to come together and clarify their wedding priorities. Knowing your priorities and putting them in order will help you to stay within the limits of your budget. Putting the contributions of your friends and families into consideration as well as your income, agree on a budget you have the funds for. Then, select the wedding elements that are most significant to you and allocate the greatest part of your budget to those things. Feel free to allocate funds to less significant elements as soon as you have finished with the most essential elements. Take for instance, if you fancy wedding dress and an exclusive venue as the most crucial, allocate funds to them first but that means you must have to cut down on your budget for other elements. Pinpointing your top most priorities makes it easy to stay within budget.

Save money by moderating the numbers of vendors you hire

The smaller amount of vendors you hire the less money you will spend. Hiring one person to take care of your hair styles and do make-up will lessen the cost than contracting the services to two different people. Allowing an individual to handle the decoration and offer catering services is also a better course to take than involving two individuals for the tasks.

Save By hiring Wedding Planner when Budgeting Your Wedding

Whether what you choose to do is hire a professional wedding planner or delegate a member of family or friend to act as one for you, there are many things you stand to gain. Some of these are enumerated below:

1. A wedding planner coordinates and relates with vendors

A professional wedding planner can work on several events. The fact that and they have established relationships with different types of vendors – photographers, florists, DJs and so on makes it possible for them to negotiate a cheaper price for you. Again such planners have enough time to research and meet with vendors to get a good bargain for every budget.

2. A wedding planner can act as a go-between

One of the main reasons why many people go beyond their budget is due to pressure and suggestions from family and friends. A wedding planner can serve as a deterrent to such requests and suggestions. A standard wedding involve at least 22 special vendors. When put together with the entire wedding party and your guests with many other people with questions and concerns, contracting the services of a wedding planner can save some cost as well as have less t worry about.

3. A wedding planner saves time and money

How To Ensure That You Cut Your Coat According To Your Size

Planning wedding takes huge amount of time. An experienced wedding planner will save you time and energy by researching vendors, putting a lot o factors into consideration and coming up with various creative ideas  that is cost –effective.

4. Wedding planner’s relationships with vendors saves money

Though at the face value, it may appear like hiring a wedding planner is an extra wedding cost, it is actually not. A wedding planner can save a great deal of money for couples.  The fact that they offer so much business to vendors makes it easy for them to be able to negotiate discounts for their clients. They are also experienced at assisting couples set budgets and stick to them.

My top five Wedding budget Tips

Set a budget and stick to it:

Wedding celebrations is not a do or die affair and must not be taken as such.  Also bear in mind that wedding is not an investment or meant to be one even though you can get some returns out of it. Do not hope to recover your cost at the end of the wedding or you will end up being disappointed. What you must do is plan your budget, and stick to it. Don’t keep adding to your budget as the day draws nearer simply because you attended more weddings. Wedding is not a competition. Nobody will score you or offer you a prize at the end. Whatever you decide to do, by the end of the day it is what you and your partner want that matters and not so much what you spend. Although, it is nice to impress your audience, the life after wedding must be your drawing board.

Make use of Budget calculator

An extremely easy way to break down your budget is to use a budget calculator. A budget calculator will provide the suitable expenses for each part of the wedding. Usually, reception expenditures take up to 45-50% of your total budget while music and photographs takes about 10% each.

Hire a wedding planner

You may want to hire a wedding planner or appoint a willing friend or family member to act as your wedding planner. If you think you can do it, you can also do it yourself but remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. You need to save up some energy to use for the “D-day”. You can entrust some responsibilities to a few of your family members and friends. Bear in mind you need some relaxation to be able to appear great and refreshed on your wedding day.

Choose a Bargain Location

Ceremony and reception locations can be huge budget busters. Find a location that will save you a few bucks such as a friend’s barn or a local church with a reception hall. A home wedding can save money but make sure to weigh all your options because renting chairs and tables can add up to the overall cost.

Plan your wedding date on working days or Sunday instead of the usual Saturdays

Although Saturday is the most admired day to wed, fixing your wedding on working days or Sunday could reduce the wedding cost for you. You may be able to get some discount from cheaper hall rental to reduced crowd to feed at reception on working days than the conventional Saturdays. This will as well give you a better level playing ground when negotiating with vendors, since business is slow on week days and vendors are after filling their calendars instead of having a vacant day without any event. Flights and transports are also cheaper for some of your guests who may need to travel from a far distance.
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