Procedure For Changing Your Name After Marriage

Procedure For Changing Your Name After Marriage

Changing of name after marriage is an old tradition which is still very much alive and it does not seems to be threatened by the society except in those countries that have not accepted it right from the beginning of time. So, it is important for the soon to be tied wedlock to know the necessary procedure to follow for changing of name after marriage. The procedure here may be varied from country to country but it’s just a slight difference and that mean they all have some commonality in them.

Changing Your Name After MarriageChanging your name after marriage might not be necessary if your man accept it that you should use your maiden name, and also the issue of changing your name after marriage does not affect men, it’s only for women as far at the issue of marriage is concern. I have not come across it anywhere where men change names after marriage and at the same time, I can’t say it does not exist somewhere, it’s just a dynamic nature of the way we live our lives.

Changing your name after marriage will require you drop your maiden name you’ve been carrying for years before your marriage and take on new name from your-to-be husband; usually it’s their surname though some prefer to use their direct name instead of the name of their father or grandfather. Another trending name changing after marriage is the use of hyphenation to attach your maiden name to the new name you’re about to acquire but this must be sorted out between you and your to be husband, it must be mutually accepted before it can take effect.

Follow these procedures for changing your name after marriage

No 1.Order extra certified copies of your marriage certificate for agencies that require originals before allowing you to change your name on documents, such as the passport office or department of motor vehicle

No 2.Though rare but there some circumstances where man too change name at marriage, so, check your marriage certificate to see if there is a space to indicate a name change. If not, you will need court papers to legally change your original name. You can get in touch with legal officer to find out what is require in your state to have your name changed, this is not necessary for the female folks.

No 3.You need a new identity card, so you have to request for new National ID cards that will show your new name.

No 4.You need to visit motor vehicle license office to obtain a new driver’s license. To be on a safer side, ask upfront about what document you’ll need to bring in order to certify the validity of your name change.

No 5. Obtain and complete a Passport Amendment/Validation Application. Send this along with appropriate fees, your current passport(s), and a certified documentation of your name change (such as a certified copy of a marriage certificate or court papers) to the nearest passport agency.

Others places you need to visit and notify include;

  • Your Bank
  • Building Society (mortgage and/or savings accounts)
  • The Companies that you have Shares in
  • Credit Card and Store Charge-Card Companies
  • Your Doctor
  • Your Employer
  • The Finance/Loan Companies
  • Inland Revenue (Federal & State)
  • Your Insurance Companies (e.g. motor, medical, life, property, property contents etc)
  • Your Investment Companies
  • Your Pension Company
  • The Premium Bond Office

These are the necessary steps you will need to take when changing your name after marriage and as I said earlier on, there may be slight change in your country but these are the generally acceptable processes in most countries of the world. You may like to read how to show appreciation in your marriage, it’s all part of making your marriage a successful marriage.

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