Appreciation in Marriage is Cure for Separation

Appreciation in Marriage is Cure for Separation

Every one of us loves to be appreciated, be loved and be complimented, but often time we forget to take that word appreciation into our marriage and somehow, there is a missing link in the marital relationship. If not discovered early, it can lead to each partner going separate ways. Appreciation in marriage is an antidote to divorce; this is because our marriages need more of our appreciation than complain.

appreciation in marriageLots of marriages fell apart as a result of lack of appreciations, it happens that way because each of the partner involves fail to recognized some good attributes in the way their partner’s lives, they rather do more of complain in the marriage instead of doing more of appreciation. Such marriages are sure to head to divorce because it lacks one good element of a good marriage which is appreciation in marriage. You can also read 7 things that can destroy your marriage life here.

Marriages can only be better if we start to think right now of the things that our partner does that we don’t do it by ourselves, we can’t do all things surely, but we can only play our part and let our partner play their part too and then appreciate them for playing their part. It is often easier to see those things that are partner does wrong and somehow difficult to recognize those things that they do right but then, even when we recognize it, we often think of it as their responsibilities. This kind of attitude must be put away and welcome appreciation into our marriage for every kind of good deed our partners carried out.

We may have long been harboring some criticism in our heart against our partner for some times now and finding it difficult to see thing in the normal sense of view, we have to let it go and learn to live together, at times it may not be physical battle anymore, we need to turn to prayer and ask God to show us the good things that are invisible to us that our partner does that we can show them the deserved appreciation. Criticism breaks down marriage while appreciation builds up our marital relationship.

A simple word like “thank you” can go a long way and also a written note too can be effective in showing and complimenting the one we love.

Compliments cost nothing, are easy to give, and take no time at all. They are powerful, positive, and kind, you simply have to make the effort to speak them. Any compliment will do: “Dinner was great, you set a great table.” “Thanks for taking out the garbage. It was very thoughtful. Thanks for changing the oil in my car.” “That dress looks great on you.” You can go on and on with different version of your own word in expressing your appreciation to the one you love. Appreciation in marriage is very important to enhance good relationship and push far away the issues of separation.

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