Bring Sparkle Back to Your Old False Eyelashes: How To Take Care Of Your Artificial Eyelashes

Do you know that you can wash and re-use your  old false eyelashes? Yes, this is a trick many women do not know. Even those that know aren’t aware how they could get their synthetic eyelashes revitalized back to life. In fact, you can wash and re-use your false eyelashes over and over again. To make this possible, you need to know how this can be done effectively. That is what we want to teach you through this article. Knowing the proper way to clean and preserve your false eyelashes will keep them sanitized and make them last long.

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Tools you would need:

  • Your worn-out lashes
  • Boil Hot water
  • A heat resistant tub or basin
  • Tweezers
  • Alcohol
  • Non- reusable mascara wand or brush for eyebrow

The solvent to be used is either water or alcohol. Method one describes how to clean with alcohol while method 2 teaches how to clean with hot water. Alcohol is a good cleanser for false eyelashes; however, you must not soak them inside it. When they get soaked in alcohol, it spoils them instead of renewing them. When you have done proper cleaning, no trace of make-up, adhesive or dirt would be found on them. Using set of two adhesive during fixing is excellent as it makes it easy and hassle free to remove.

How to remove false eyelashes

It is generally very simple to remove false eye lashes from your eye. This can be done by wiping down with cotton soaked with alcohol or by using the finger to lightly pull out the faux lashes. Pull the false lashes’ band with sliding movements to unfasten the lashes from your eyelid. While firmly gripping the falsies, pull the lashes away from your eyelid from the inside curve to the outside curve.

How to clean the false eyelashes 1:

You need flat tweezers to be able to clean the band of the false lashes. The tool will help you get rid of the adhesive and makeup attached to the lashes. To do this, tightly hold the lashes with one hand and make use of the tweezers on the other hand to softly remove pieces of adhesives that got stuck to the band of the lashes. Alternatively, if your nails are the perfect length, use them to remove the adhesive on the lashes in the absence of tweezers. For this to be possible, your nails must not be very short or very long; they must be of moderate length.

What to do after the adhesive has been removed

After the adhesive has been removed, keep the lashes flat on a spread-out tissue paper. Use cotton wool to mop up a few spray alcohols and fondle the lashes with the soaked cotton wool starting from the band and moving towards the tips of the falsies. It is not advisable to clean false lashes with cosmetic products. Majority of them are too greasy and usually make a mess.

How to clean false eyelashes method 2


If you are like me, you’d have had a time when you find it hard to discard your falsies because you love it very much. You’ve used it for a couple of times and this time it is beginning to face wear and tear and looking dull. Cleaning the lashes makes it last longer and as well ensures that it is kept safe from dirt. It also makes them germ-free.

The first step

Make use of your fingers or tweezers to remove remnants of adhesives on the lash band. Be careful while doing this so as not to mistakenly pull out strands of the eye lashes.

The second step

Pour the boiled hot water to a few inches of the bowl or the basin. Any container you use should be able to withstand heat without melting. After you have done this, put the lashes inside the hot water for a couple of minutes. The hot water will remove mascara and dirt from the lashes.

The third Step

Take the false lashes out of the hot water and use the eyebrow brush or disposable wand to brush off the lifted mascara and dirt on the lashes. Try to get them back in shape and air them till they are completely dried. When they have dried, you’d be happy with the new look. They look revitalized and much newer again.

If you follow the steps given here, your false eye lashes appear revitalized and newer. You can wear them for about 30 days when you take good care of them. Fitting back the cleaned faux eyelashes in its original box ensures that their shape is maintained and they are free from contamination and germs. You can decide to heap up the cleaned lashes on a second pair to do it up or wear them singly. If you have another method of cleaning your old lashes, we’d appreciate if you could share them here. If not, please leave your comments!

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