12 Amazing Birthday Video Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones

Nothing like creating personalized birthday videos that will be remembered forever and would help cherish memories. It is making the day special by uniquely creating the video. There are templates to create different videos and make them great ones.

Try to choose the latest video options that have features in-built and templates to add to the video. When creating it the first time, you may get confused about which software to choose for suitable results.

Birthday Video Ideas

To make a birthday video, use the latest software InVideo to give the much-required professional touch and create the best memories. It helps create awesome birthday videos, adds templates, pictures, audio, and video as required, giving it a professional touch. By correct use of the video, it would help add some extra sparkle, making the day memorable and special.

1. Birthday greeting video

You can make a video to greet someone on their birthday. You can create it by adding sweet memories and sharing beautiful videos. Try to add in effects and filters when using the memories to make it the best, along with video and photo clips of memories and birthdays. It would make the video eventful and surprising for the person. 

2. Video for party recap

A video full of photos is the best way to recapitulate the previous birthday parties and celebrations you had. It would remind of friends and family who have been part of it. The surprise video would be an incredible gift option for the one on their special day. This video idea would be suitable to work as an invitation video for the birthday preparation.

3. Create a birthday album

A birthday album is the best way to greet the person with the help of a surprising video. You can try this option on your kid’s first birthday and give a cute presentation of photos of his or her one-year’s journey. Choose an attractive album template that would help create the best one.

4. Compile birthday greetings

Compile birthday wishes from your best friends and create a greetings video. Collect the greeting of the special person of the day and compile it with excellent video transitions. Try to add in the best effects taking the video to the next level.

5. Memories of past

Find some old memories, and add the videos and pictures together in the form of a slideshow in a video. It would be the best remembrance of the past for the person on a special day. You need to choose the best background music for the video, adding a personal touch to it.

6. Creating timeline slideshow

Create a birthday timeline show of one’s life, and it requires old pictures of one’s life and special effects. Get single and family photos that would make the timeline slideshow a perfect one.

7. Give a personal touch to the video

A trip down to memory lane is the best thing you can do by adding a personal touch to the video. Add in some jokes or moments that would make the video touchy and perfect for wishing the person on their special day. It would be suitable to make the person feel special.

8. Features one’ passion in video

No matter how long you know the person, knowing each other’s passion would be perfect to showcase it on video. Try to feature the passion in a video, adding special effects to take the video to the next level. It is one of the incredible ideas for video creation and adds ample pictures. The person you are creating the video for would feel valued and delighted on a special day. 

9. Life story video

Pick the significant events of one’s life and arrange them in sequence. Birthdays are a suitable option to take a look back at the years lived, hoping for the new ones to come with all happiness. It would be a creative way to arrange the events and give them the special effect, taking it to the next level.

10. Interview video

It is an ambitious and fun idea to create a video for birthdays. Try to keep it short and engaging, including family and friends and significant events to let the person know each of the matters. Try to collect as many stories as you can of fun, thrill, excitement, and adventure, and it would help create the best video. Try to talk with dear and near ones and collect as many stories as you can from them. Arrange the stories filming them in the best way possible. 

11. Funny birthday videos

To add in the much-required fun factor in the birthday video, you have to collect the right stories that are funny and put a smile on the person’s face. In addition, you can add singing, dancing, and other activities as one of the funny parts in the video. Also, adding the silliest pictures in the video would help give a new frame to the video.

12. Birthday party video

If creating videos for a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can add in the videos of the past birthday of the person to give them better remembrance of the special day. Try to add the pictures and videos chronologically to help get back to the memory lane and enjoy it to the fullest. It would be the best video gift on anyone’s special day to remember the special moments.

Even when the person is far off from friends and family, the video would be suitable for recapitulating the moments the best. If the video can bring a smile to the face of the person, video creation is worth it.

Wrapping it up

Add the best stickers, video, and audio clip in the video and take it to the next level of excitement to give on the person’s special day. This is possible by using the latest video creation software that has plenty of filters and features to be used on the video. Include some interesting elements in the video to give it the best touch and make it exciting for the person on a special day. Give your best shot with the help of the latest software online.

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