What are the Best Ways to Reply to I like You

It is wonderful when someone expresses his affection or likeness for you. However, it could be dangerous when you do not have the same feeling for them. Therefore, consider learning what to reply to I like you

Best Ways to Reply to I like You

If you consider sharing the same feelings or want to restrict to being friends, consider the below-mentioned 15 ways to express your feelings for the person 

  1. It felt nice to hear it from you, but it was quite unexpected to hear it. Do not oppose his request, but take time to think over it before you give the final reply. 
  2. If you were not looking forward to entering into a relationship specifically when he expressed his feelings for you, if you like him, consider building a relationship with him. 
  3. You might usually respond to others about being in a relationship or not available for a romantic encounter, but since you find him cute, consider asking him out for a cup of coffee tomorrow. 
  4. Reply with I like you too if you like his gestures of advancement towards you. Apologize for being rude on this issue before. However, gently tell him about your heart being unable to take breakups. 
  5. I did not think that you would come out with it loud. Now when you know about his feelings for you, admit your feelings for him as well. Consider hanging out woth him some time if you are comfortable with it. 
  6. Regardless of whether you like the person or not, your initial response should be thank you. If you like the person, do not hold back to say I like you too. If you do not like the person, reply by saying you do not have the same feeling as they have for you. 
  7. If you have feelings for your other person but want to ensure before you are ready to go into a serious relationship, you do not have to admit your feelings at that moment. A simple thank you would be sufficient along with you asking for time to think about it. 
  8. You should give an honest reply. You do not have to reject the person at that instance if you do not like them back, but be honest with your feelings. 
  9. When you take time to think over things, consider thinking about local singles and prepare a final answer. 
  10. Do not feel offended by the expression of their feelings for you. Consider it as a compliment and reply with a sincere thank you. 
  11. If you do not like the other person, consider responding politely. 
  12. If you were unsure about your feelings for the other person, consider asking for time to analyze yourself rather than being upfront with your response. 
  13. Be honest and polite with your response to the other person. 
  14. If you were head over heels for that person, consider replying I like you more. She would be overwhelmed with such a prompt and positive reply. 
  15. Be ready for the consequences of being in a relationship, as you cannot be sure of what the future holds for you both. 

Consider these best ways to reply to I like you politely and honestly. 

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