A Detailed Guide on the Best Sleeping Position for Couples


Sleeping in bed with a partner seems so comfortable, romantic, and effortless in movies and tV shows. Sleeping in bed with a partner in real life might not be much of any of those things for most couples.

Best Sleeping Position for Couples

There are a few comfortable sleeping positions for couples, but it might take some time and trial and error before you find the right one for you and your partner.

The best sleeping position for couples isn’t the same for everyone. A sleeping position that might work well for one couple, might not work the same for you. Everyone sleeps differently and is a different type of sleeper. 

Some enjoy sleeping on their backs while others enjoy sleeping on their sides. So, how can two individual people come together and find a sleeping style or position that allows each partner to sleep well and wake up refreshed? 

Read below to find out!

Head on Chest 

One position that works well for many couples is the head on the chest. One partner will lie flat on their back and the other one will place their head on that partner’s chest. It doesn’t matter which gender does which.

It’s comfortable either way, as long as not too much pressure is placed on top of them. You can also consider the head on the arm or near the armpit as well. This might help take some of the weight off of the actual chest if needed and still sleep in the same type of position. 

The top arm and leg can also wrap around the partner laying on their back.


Spooning is one of the more popular sleeping positions for couples. This is a very close and intimate position to sleep in. Each partner faces the same way on their side. 

One partner is the “big spoon” and the other is the “little spoon.” The big spoon is the person on the outside. This person will wrap their arms around the little spoon. 

Each partner’s legs are bent and pulled slightly upwards. The couple fits into one another like two spoons, which is how this position got its name. Don’t be afraid to switch up the roles now and then either. 

The bigger person doesn’t always have to be the bigger spoon. 

Distanced Spooning

Spooning is comfortable and great for new couples, but over time, the two of you might want a bit more space while sleeping. If you’re looking for more personal sleeping space but don’t want to lose the comfortable spooning position, then there is a solution.

Distanced spooning is your answer. With this position, each partner will still maintain the spooning position but with more space in between one another. Rather than body up against the body, the big spoon will place an arm over the little spoon without touching them anywhere else. 

It’s also a great idea for hotter nights when you don’t want as much body heat on you.

Face to Face

The face to face position is another intimate sleeping position for couples. In this position, the two partners will face one another while lying on their sides. You can do this close to one another or with enough distance to not breathe on one another.

If you decide to be up close and personal, partners can touch noses or cheeks. If you decide to keep some space between you, you can still touch one another by holding hands, crossing legs, or touching feet. 

Back to Back

When you need space to sleep how you’d like and stay cool throughout the night, consider sleeping back to back from one another. This gives you enough space to breathe while still staying close. Backs don’t have to touch, but they can if you prefer them to.

If touching backs is too hot or uncomfortable, you can space yourselves out but touch feet or have one partner place their leg over the other’s leg. 

Choosing Sides

Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you have to sleep on top of one another. It’s okay to sleep on opposite sides of the bed. In fact, once a couple has been with one another for a long period of time and is secure with one another, it’s quite common for that couple to sleep in this position.

If each partner chooses a side of the bed, you might find you get better sleep as well. Better sleeps means a better mood in the morning. 

It’s best to place the bed in the middle of the room so there are two end sides or edges. Many people enjoy sleeping on the edge of the bed. If one side of the bed is next to the wall, then there might be some arguments on who gets what side. 

Backs on Bed

Sleeping on your back is one of the best ways to sleep. When you sleep on your back, everything aligns and you’re able to get a good night’s rest. Although you may feel it’s too difficult for you to sleep on your back with your partner in the bed, it can be done. 

If there’s enough room, each person can sleep on their backs on their own side of the bed. You can also make back sleeping more intimate by touching hands or legs. Each person still has their own breathing space and air circulation, but you still get to feel close to one another. 

Hugged Legs

Hugged legs is a sleeping position that can be done in several ways. Each partner has their own sleeping position. No one needs to do anything specific with their bodies or lie down in a certain way. 

Get into whatever sleeping position you like best. Then, each partner wraps their legs around the other partner’s legs. This could be both legs, one leg, both partners, or one partner doing so. 

As long as both partners are cozy, that’s all the matters. 

Two Stomachs

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t an ideal sleeping position as far as back pain’s concerned. It is an ideal sleeping position for many people, however, due to the comfort and security, it provides for you while you sleep. 

If both partners enjoy sleeping on their stomachs, then each person can do so. While sleeping on your stomach, your hands most likely gravitate towards under your pillow. Depending on how you keep your legs while sleeping on your stomach, you might need to put some space between you and your partner to sleep comfortably.

Otherwise, you can get as close as you want to one another!

Tangled to Untangled

The tangled to untangled position starts out with both partners wrapped up in one another. There’s no specific placement of the hands, legs, or anything else. It’s simply when the two of you are all tangled up in one another in your own way. 

You might fall asleep like this or get close to it. Then, as the night progresses, the two of you will begin to separate yourself from one another, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You want to fall asleep close to one another but ultimately want to sleep comfortably, which might mean ending up on opposite sides of the bed.

It’s like having the best of both worlds!

More Ways to Sleep Better with a Partner

Now that you know some of the best sleeping positions for couples, it’s time to look into more ways to sleep better with your partner. Here are a few tips to take note of.

A Bigger Bed

If you’re having trouble sleeping comfortably with someone else in the bed, then it might be time to buy a bigger bed to give each of you more room. You can also consider buying an adjustable bed. This allows each person to adjust the bed to their own personal preference. 

What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed? Memory foam works well, but you have a few different options. Be sure to do your research and select the right one for your needs. 

Open Conversations

Another way to increase sleeping comfort is to have open conversations about what isn’t working for you and what is. Be honest with your partner. Together, the two of you can come up with a solution that works best for everyone.

If you keep your sleeping problems to yourself, then your partner won’t know you’re having trouble sleeping. Relationships require compromise at times and can be done with open and honest conversations. 

What’s the Best Sleeping Position for Couples?

After reading through our guide, do you know which one is the best sleeping position for couples? If not, no need to worry. We don’t expect you to know right away!

The best thing to do is to try out a few of these different sleeping positions with your partner and find one or a few that work well for you. Remember, as long as you keep comfort mixed with intimacy in mind, you’ll both get a great night’s sleep.

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