What is the Best App for Fasting?

There are many weight loss programs out there that can leave you confused. Besides, you may have tried several of them, but none offer you the solution that you are working for as you are not accomplishing sustainable results. The DoFasting app is a good place to get started, and here is a review on it that will let you know more about it.

Best App for Fasting

What is DoFasting?

DoFasting is an app that helps track your diet using the concept of intermittent fasting. You have probably heard all the hype of intermittent fasting, and you may have tested it out but not found a suitable schedule for yourself. The purpose of this diet tracker is to assist you in finding a routine effective for you so that you can lose weight.

It not only offers you a guide on choosing the best fasting schedule but provides tips on workouts to help keep you fit. DoFasting can help get you started as it has valuable information on food and nutrition, which is all backed by scientific research. You will also choose a fasting plan that suits you, and there is a timer to help you know when to eat or fast.

Getting Started On the DoFasting App

As you start using this app, expect to get guidance on intermittent fasting, workout routines, and nutritional advice. The information is not a one-size-fits-all solution as what you get is specially customized to suit your lifestyle.

When starting on the app, you will have a quick survey to complete, which aims to understand better your daily decisions, lifestyle, and body type. After you answer the questions, you will get a formulated plan to help you meet your goals.

Some of the questions you can expect are based on gender, your familiarity with fasting, your meal preparation, and the time you take breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even if you do not understand the concept behind intermittent fasting, the app will inform you about it after you answer the second question. After answering all the questions or skipping them, you will get a breakdown of what you should expect from the app. You can view other real people’s profiles that even share the exact fasting requirements, allowing you to learn what to expect for yourself even before you sign up.

You will know if fasting is for you and the time it will take to achieve your weight goals. You can also get an estimate of how your body will be if you start fasting. If you like the changes, you can select the option “Get a Plan” and choose the one that suits your budget.

Should You Consider Using The DoFasting App?

You will find various apps in the market but not each one of them is for you. A DoFasting app is a suitable option because it guides you on the best fast and exercises and the right foods for you. It also formulates a plan that will work for you to know your lifestyle before setting up your schedule.


  • Availability

You can get the DoFasting app on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Therefore, you can choose any device to download the app.

  • Easy Follow Up

It is easy to follow up with the fasting routine because the app allows you to see the time to eat or fast.

  • Flexibility

The routine is not a rigid one, as you can choose a dietary regimen that works for you. The schedules include 12:12, 16:8, and 14:10, and you can switch between them.

  • Integrated Features

Apart from offering you a tracker for the fasting periods, you enjoy other features. You will get workout guidance, informative articles, and meal recommendations. It makes it worthwhile because you get value for your money.


  • Numerous Ads

The downside about DoFasting is the numerous adverts that pop up when using the app. Since you have to pay to use the app, it would help keep away the annoying pop-ups, but you have to deal with them.

  • Hard To Cancel

The process of canceling charges from your card is not an easy one. You have to contact customer care for assistance.

  • No Free Trial Option

The app does not offer a free trial option. Therefore, if you did not want to pay for the subscription before knowing what you are getting yourself into, you do not have a chance.

Bottom Line

Intermittent fasting is doable and achievable, but it will only work for you if you know your needs. You can use the DoFasting acts as a guide on your fasting and weight loss journey. It offers you specific guidelines on what and when to eat and on the exercise regimen to follow.

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