Bringing Sex Toys to Your Relationship For the First Time

Let’s be honest here – we’ve all once or twice stepped into a sex toy store and just peaked onto that pleasure aisle, hoping no one will notice what we came here to really look for-, and it wasn’t gummy bears we thought of when we went to the other side of the town to get.

You don’t have to go to the store clerk and ask them if they do ‘gift wrapping,’ hoping they’ll think you’re getting that fuschia pink vibrator as a gift – they know very well what you’re up to!

According to recent studies, 82% of adults use sex toys – so get rid of any previous misconceptions related to owning one, and finally get a nice-sized dildo, or whatever it is that you want!

We won’t lie, during times of lockdown, we can’t count how many times we found ourselves browsing through at nights, hoping that our next orgasm is going to be more powerful thanks to the items in our basket!

If you’re finally going to join the club, and get that sex toy, remember to not only look for the color that will make it look sexier but make sure to check the material it is made out of.

Even though sex toys can be a great source of pleasure, they can become a real hazard to you (and your bed). Always get your sex toys from safe places, such as certified online retailers like Sex Doll Torso, and avoid cheap deals that you may find on black alley markets.

As much as a sex toy should be able to provide you with the utmost pleasure, it should also be made out of sturdy, easy to clean materials that will last you for a long time and not cause any allergic reactions.

If you want to learn more about dangerous sex toys, check out this infographic, provided by The Adult Toy Shop.

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