All you Need to Know About VR Sex Toys

As you may already know, there has been a lot of technological revolutions that have taken the world by storm. One of them is VR sex toys and accessories. 

While decades ago, it was impossible to get access to the internet, talk less of checking out your favorite porn site to blow one out; you can now reach a whole new height of orgasmic satisfaction. Thanks to the ingenuity of technology and the introduction of virtual reality sex toys, both men and women can enjoy a highly satisfactory sex life.

These gears are not that hard to find, and chances are you may have seen them before. While there are different types available, the virtual reality goggles are making quite the buzz on social media. If you are interested in learning about VR sex accessories and their safety, I encourage you to read more below.

What are Virtual Reality Sex Toys?

They come in different shapes and designs, but they perform one primary function, to provide sexual satisfaction to the user. The design and marketing of these products target couples, but they are mostly available as a solo product.

They are different from the regular vibrators and silicone sex dolls you can find in the adult content shop. Their interactive nature is what sets them apart from regular sex toys. Most of the male-focused VR sex accessories adopt a mechanism that stimulates the penis and brain. These high-tech devices make use of robotic engineering and real-time programming in combination with highly sensitive orifices to stimulate the penis.

In the case of 3D virtual reality glasses, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect to a porn site and enjoy high definition images and sounds. The sole aim of these VR sex accessories is to mimic intercourse and take masturbation to a whole new level. You can find out more in this piece:

What are the Main Features of VR Sex Accessories?

Since their introduction to the adult pleasure scene a few years ago, there have been many changes to the design of VR sex gadgets. But as usual, you can expect them to leave you and your partner sexually satisfied. While their manufacturing methods may differ, most of these devices usually have one or more of the following features.

  • Bluetooth Technology

Many of the high-end products make use of Bluetooth technology to link devices together and initiate sexual interaction. If you are familiar with using Bluetooth for media transfer, then you pretty much know how these things work. It is as easy as utilizing the wireless capabilities of these virtual reality sex toys to network with other user-friendly applications. 

  • Remote Controls

You can also find some of these pleasure equipment that is powered by an intuitive remote control. These gadgets come equipped with wireless control systems that make it easy to customize the user experience with the touch of a button. While it mostly operates with in-built wireless support, you can expect that the batteries will require charging when they run out.

  • Motion Sensors

It is also common to find virtual reality devices that utilize motion sensors to provide sensual stimulation. You can find them in masturbation devices where they increase pleasure. And this is usually by the movement of a partner or the user.

  • Sensitive Sleeve Textures

There are also VR sex accessories for men that feature a delicate sleeve texture that provides stimulation to the penis. In most cases, these sleeve textures take on the shape of real human privates. You can also find others with a mold design that looks just like a famous porn star. So with the aid of virtual reality, it is possible to not only masturbate to videos of your favorite porn star, but you also get up close and with them.

  • Online Porn Access

Most manufacturers of virtual reality sex gadgets know that many people rely on porn for sexual satisfaction. And as a result, make their devices easy to link up with online porn directories. So if you own the right kind of gear and membership subscription, you can enjoy some high-quality 2D and 3D X-rated movies.

Other characteristic features of these devices include manual suction controls for stimulating the penis. It works just like masturbation, only that you don’t use your hands. Or worry about straining your muscles from all that jerking off. You can also find gadgets with vibratory function or an automatic stroke setting for a hands-free experience. You can check here for some of the bizarre yet hot sex toys that you can combine with sex tech.

Are VR Sex Toys Safe?

There are concerns about the safety of sex technology, but it hasn’t stopped the widespread adoption of these devices. Most of the high-end products make use of intelligent technology that gives the user control over the sex toy. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what drives virtual reality. It combines separate pieces of equipment such as VR glasses/goggles, smart devices, internet connection, and an online porn membership. Other additional gears could include a lube and cleaning equipment. 

While this technology may still be light years away from its full potentials, it does show some promise of being more of a positive influence. Some products are available only for solo play but can also be part of a twosome or foursome. The designs usually follow a safety guide, and most orifices are almost like the real thing. But still, it is understandable that you should be scared of a love machine. 

You may also have heard that it is possible to injure your dick on a sex toy, and this is true. While most devices adopt safety designs, you want to be careful not to masturbate excessively. There is the possibility of suffering from erectile dysfunction when you overuse sex toys. And you could also find it challenging to connect with a human partner when you rely on sex tech.  You can check below for some of the things to avoid doing with a sex toy.

Final Note

You should know that sex tech costs quite a lot. And this is mostly because of the different pieces of equipment required to get the job done. So if you do decide to spend on one, check for a manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee it lasts. And you should also be ready to spend on replacement batteries and other VR sex accessories from time to time.

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