9 Cool Ear Piercing Jewelry That You Can Gift Your Girlfriend

Are you searching for the best ways to lavish your lady love for coming Christmas? Generally, extra care, adorable words and deep conversations full of love are enough to win over your loved one’s heart.

Cool Ear Piercing Jewelry

However, if you really want to take the next step to present her something this Christmas that she will remember every time she wears it, then the ear piercing jewelry will be the perfect Christmas’s Day Gift option. We have collected 9 cool ear piercing jewelry that you can gift your girlfriend which are classic yet trendy that she will definitely feel delighted to wear.

Ear Lobe Earrings

Earlobe piercings jewelry is the first preference of every woman. There is the widest range of earlobe earrings are available. So, you don’t look further for choosing the best gift option as ear piercing jewelry. If your girlfriend has stretched earlobes, you might want to try plug earrings as an alternative gift

The Tragus

Upgrade her jewelry collection with the tragus piercing collection that she can wear on her cute little ear cartilage. This is the best trendy jewelry style to impress your girlfriend this Christmas. It is average on pain and takes about 3 to 9 months to heal properly.

The Helix Earrings

Present her helix earrings and let her draw the attention of every individual with a style. With the diverse selection of cute cartilage earrings, you can easily choose the perfect pick of helix (the upper, outer part of the ear) earrings that compliment her style.

The Daith Earrings

Choose the best jewelry for daith piercing to enhance the inner cartilage of your girlfriend’s ear. It fairly rates average on the pain scale and beautifies the ear look like never before..

Auricle earrings

Auricle ear piercing jewelry is the best gifting option. It consists of a rim placed on the outside of the ear. So, pick the perfect one from popular piercing options. You can also choose studs, rings and ear cuffs for her auricle piercing.

Conch Styles

Conch piercing jewelry is one of the excellent gifts for her. She can wear it in the middle of the ear just next to her ear canal and flaunt her fashionable look.

Pinna Earrings

Pinna piercings jewelry is always in great demand. It is just like helix earrings; the difference is that it can be worn at the outer ear rim, the top of the ear. Pinna earrings are a versatile gifting option and she can wear all kinds of piercing jewelry at this place like plain studs as well as ear cuffs.

Labret Studs

Make her piercing look great with Labret Studs. The great thing is that she can wear these versatile labrets in Tragus Piercings, Lip Piercings as well as can customize it with any of the threaded accessories.

Snug Piercing Jewelry

Enhance her beauty with snug piercing looks and let her feel like a modern beauty queen with your snug piercing jewelry gift. These are placed on the lower half of the ear rim via the inner cartilage. Circular barbells and ball closure rings are the perfect options for a snug piercing jewelry.

The ear piercings jewelry is an adorable gift option among all the beautiful assorted body jewelry for your girlfriend. If you have found some other ear piercing jewelry options except these, then please do share with us too in the comments below!

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