7 Style Lessons from Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

7 Style Lessons from Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Spring/Summer runways from all over the world bring something exclusive each year, and, in this article, we will be introducing 7 style lessons that we have learned from this years’ Spring/Summer collection. From sensational makeup tips to luscious accessories, we have it all covered.
Read further for celebrity inspired accessories and outfit lessons that can be swiftly applied to your Spring/Summer 2016 collection!7 Style Lessons from Spring

One Earring only

This is perhaps one of the most audacious and bold spring/summer 2016 jewelry trends that we have witnessed so far. Wear only one earring and pretend to have forgotten to wear the second pair of your earrings. One Earring trend is slowly catching up and winning the appreciation of many designers worldwide. This particular trend has been embraced at almost all spring/summer 2016 runway shows.

Beaded clutch purses for women

Designer beaded clutch purses ruled almost all the major Spring/Summer 2016 runways. Runway models donned the perfect look by holding this stylish and extremely elegant beaded clutch purse in their hands. These elite clutch purses are undoubtedly a great alternative to old-fashioned clumsy looking handbags.
Give yourself a trendier look this summer by wearing a stylish and contemporary patterned beaded clutch or an evening clutch by making a choice from the best evening clutch bag collections of runway designers.


This summers’ get yourself a cool pair of mules, pronto. Checkerboards and lace slides are this year, the most favorite flats of the season. Besides, they are super comfortable too!  We saw these incredibly stylish-looking slippers at some of the most popular Summer Fashion runways of 2016. There is no reason why you should not wear them.

Neon-styled sunglasses

Bid goodbyes to your retro styled oversized sunglasses. Rather, be prepared to welcome this weird looking neon styled sunglasses to nail the summer look this year. These super cool matrix-like frames are gaining massive attention in the fashion world. Sure, they may be a bit uncanny but definitely high on the cool quotient.


Skinny belts are a highly favored accessory for 2016 spring. It releases you from the burden of buckling your belt. All you need to do is tie the belt around your waist. Tying of belts certainly do a phenomenal job of bringing in the waist on floral dresses and corporate suiting.

Classy Fishnets

If you thought fishnets have gone and dusted, think again. This year, we noticed the comeback of fishnets, and in several forms. You can start by taking small baby steps. For instance, go for a fishnet sock first or you can even try full-on netted tights. On runways, they wore them over the shoes. When you feel extremely comfortable with fishnets, you must wear them the way they wear on runways!

Cold Shoulder Outfits

Although off-the-shoulder necklines got an amazing moment in the previous years, this year the designers took the whole concept to another level. They took a step further with cutouts that are primarily meant to highlight just the shoulders, and thereby making knits more breathable. The open and off-the-shoulder look will create a sexy stunning look in the spring season!

In this year’s Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks, we saw tons of fashionable trends that are easy to wear on a daily basis, especially the beaded clutch. One very conspicuous trend that we noticed particularly this year is ‘the more the better approach’ in accessorizing. Perhaps, it’s now safe to assume that we are heading towards the death of minimalistic approach that was commonly preferred in fashion in earlier times.

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of the best evening clutch bag collections. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.

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