6 Ways to Show Him You’re Serious Girlfriend Material

6 Ways to Show Him You’re Serious Girlfriend Material

How can you prove to a guy that you’re better than other girls he has ever met and show him that you’re actually the serious girlfriend material?

There are several ways to prove to a guy that you’re girlfriend material and make him reason with you that truly, you worth being call his girlfriend.

But first, proving to a guy how serious you are won’t be the first thing on your mind when you first meet him. Your experience in the past may even be of help when dealing with a guy you met at the beginning.

After taken your time to see the direction at which the love train is taking you to with him, you can now decide to prove your authentic love for him [Read; Simple Approaches on How to be a Better Girlfriend].

Ways to Show Him You’re Serious Girlfriend MaterialBut where you might have some little difficult is that, you’re not sure of his feeling for you even after being with him for a month or two. Yes, you may not be clear about his feeling owning to the fact that, both of you agree not to set too high expectation for each other and you’re free to mingle with other guys and just as he too is free to mingle with other girls.

It is time to set your foot on the ground and establish your solid romantic relationship with him. You need to prove you’re here for keep, not a friend with benefits but a friend who has come to make positive impact in his life as you’re ready to journey with him on a lifelong ride.

So, to prove your seriousness, these advices below will you to show him you’re a serious girlfriend material.

1. Stop seeing other guys and focus on him

Let him and only him be your centre of focus among all men whether in your office or at home. It is easy to want to keep in touch with many guys, especially when you’re not too sure of the one you want among them, but once you’ve determined to go with one, cut off every other guy and focus on him to show your seriousness about being the girl that’s ready to stay for a long haul.

2. Keep in touch with him

Always find time to call and send him romantic text messages, so that he can know you always have him in mind. Even if you don’t have much to say, just tell him, you just want to hear his voice but you will always have something to attach your call to when talking with him. You can thank him for the wonderful outing yesterday, for the romantic play you had with him, for anything your mind can remember.

Just do it in such a way that, he’ll not be seeing you as being desperate or someone who does not give him a breathing space.

3. Seek for his advice even though you know what to do

Men have need that they seek to fulfil. That need is helping out women, especially the woman that’s closer to their heart, to help him out of distress. Asking him advice about issues helps him to fulfil that need. Not just asking him once but repeatedly when you have important decision to take, no matter how simple such decision may look like before.

Honestly, asking him for advice like this will help your relationship to get more serious and go deeper. You have demonstrated that his opinion really matter to the decision you make in your life and no man will ignore such woman when he has none presently in his house.

4. Be always eager to know about his days

This may just sound like things that almost everyone does, but when it is done to someone you love, and you show you’re genuinely interested in how he spend his day, he’ll just love you more because it shows that you care about him.

If he has a bad day, be an encourager to let him know that, better days are coming ahead and he shouldn’t be weighed down with what happen in his office for that day. When you show support like this, you’re subtly telling him that, you’re worth keeping and you’re not here just like a friend with benefit but a friend who has come to stay forever with love in his life.

5. Be yourself and be funny with your easy going approach to life

There is no need hiding your true self if you want him to really feel you, be funny and plain, laugh with his joke and show you’re confident being around him. Just be comfortable and make him special, go easily with your life around him.

6. Get to know his friends and relate well with his family

Relate well with his friends and if you happen to know any of his family, create a good relationship with the family as well. One of the roads to some men’s heart is through their friends and when you can create such rapport with his friend, you might be winning his heart. His friends will have no choice in one of their meeting to talk about you and possibly suggest, he takes quick step now to ensure you’re never going to be taken by another man.

If you follow these 6 ways to show him you’re serious girlfriend material, you will not be far from being called his sweet heart and your marriage preparation discussion might not be far from his lip any longer.

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