6 Things Men Like From Woman Apart From Her Appearance

6 Things Men Like From Woman Apart From Her Appearance

There’s no doubt about the first thing that draw a man to a woman, it’s usually sense from afar and it triggers men to pay special attention to her. I’m talking about women appearance.

Before anything else, even though it might later not be the best of the thing men will so much enjoy in their woman, but at the initial stage of any relationship, the appearance will always be the first thing that will draw a man to a woman.

You may have everything going on well for you if you’re still single, but if your appearance is worse, it kind of hard to attract the potential suitor to you.

6 Things Men Like From Woman Apart From Her AppearanceIt takes lot of time before a man can see beyond your appearance or even take notice of other good qualities you possess if they have to come closer to you.

So, get your appearance right and then, consider these 6 things men like from woman apart from her appearance. When your look draw them closer, some other attributes must make them stay with you and once you’re able to capture his heart, he’ll stay with you forever.

  1. Your inward beauty

This is even more important than your outward beauty, which is the appearance that draws men closer to you. It is different thing to draw a man to you and keep him and to draw a man to you and lose him after some times.

What will help you to keep him is your inner beauty or inward beauty. If a man approaches you and after talking to you, he’ll begin to access you if you have qualities within you aside your physical appearance.

A man will fall in love with the quality of your inner beauty and not your outward appearance alone which sometimes is deceptive.

  1. What about your confidence

When you’re being approached, the way you display your confidence with a man also go a long way in keeping him with you. Every man loves a woman who’s confidence of herself, and radiate that confidence in her surroundings. You don’t just have to accept all what he says because you want to please him.

  1. How about your expression

If you have a good looking face but with no expression, you can’t possibly keep a man to you. How do you express yourself in this regards?

You can express yourself by how you make eye contact with him, how you smile and roll your eyes when he says something you really not agree with and how you smile mischievously when you say something naughty. Express yourself with genuine smile when you’re talking to him and let him feel you.

  1. How you smell

Your fragrance can do wonder for you in the presence of a man, a good fragrance can make a man feel comfortable and stay with you for much longer discussion, while a bag fragrance can push him away within a shortest period of time of meeting him.

So, get the right fragrance, succulence and soft smell that identify your presence for good wherever you go.

  1. How playful you are

Truth be told, no man like to stay with a woman who does not know how to play, be fun and happy with him. Playfulness is a trait that every successful relationship can’t do away with, it help both partner to really have some fun and happy moment together.

So, learn to be playful and cheerful but don’t always look depressed or unhappy when you’re around him. Guys just hate to see their girl looking moody and unhappy. Laugh and tease him and make him appreciate your presence in his life.

  1. Your feminines

Never think of being weak when you show your femininity before a man, it’s something that so many men appreciate in a woman. Feminines is a trait no any masculine can resist; he must be attracted to it. You can be girlishness with a man and still take control of things, which shows, you’re not a weaker sex after all.

Surely, your physical appearance play major role in attracting a man to you, but if your desire is to keep any of these men that come to you, then you can’t possibly ignore these 6 things men like from women apart from her appearance.

Add them up with your physical appearance and see how men will fall over and you’ll be the winner at the end of it all.

What else do you think is more important than appearance that will keep a man to you for longer? I will love to hear from you, please use the comment box below for your contribution, suggestion or even questions.

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