6 signs that indicate you are his side kick

Any man who treats a lady as his side kick is certainly a selfish person.

This act just goes to show that he doesn’t really need you in his life but for the things he wants from you, you are in his life.

Any lady that is a side kick is just in that relationship temporarily because when he is done with you, he won’t have need of you anymore.

You’ll be amazed to find out that most ladies are just side kicks in relationships.

They may know and they may not know and this is what we’ll be dealing with in this article.

To know if you are his side kick, note the following:

Does his attitude change in money matters?

One thing I have noticed is that some men show more affection when it comes to financial matters.

If the lady is the one with more money in the relationship, the man tends to be nicer when he needs money from her.

Guys know how to sweet talk women so it is advised that you study him and if you discover this one act from him then know you are his side kick.

Such a man only needs you for your money and that is why he enforces his love for you more when he needs it.

Do you satisfy his sexual desires?

6 signs that indicate you are his side kick

Some men cannot do without sex in a relationship and sometimes tend to neglect what the woman wants.

If he always asks you for sex without considering what you want then you are definitely his side kick.

I believe a man who truly loves you will want to do things to make you happy; he won’t be only after what he wants.

I bet you that such a man knows how to get just what he wants from you because he knows the right buttons to push that’ll make you succumb.

Does he hide your identity?

A man who is proud of you will not be ashamed to tell people about you. But when he sneaks you in and out of his house then you are his side kick.

He wants you just for himself and not for the world to recognise you as his.

Does he boss you around?

6 signs that indicate you are his side kick

If you are his side kick, he’ll definitely boss you around without your consent.

Guys like this feel they own you and can do whatever they like with you including controlling you.

Does he isolate you from important matters?

If you are just his side kick, you will notice that he will keep a lot of things from you.

If you are an important part of his life, why would he keep things from you?

If he needs you for just some things in his life then whom do you think you are to him?

I feel a side kick is just like a hand bag; when he needs you, he brings you out and when he doesn’t, he leaves you in the dark.

Is he quick to dismiss you?

If a man claims he loves you so much, he would not easily dismiss or shun you at the slightest provocation.

If you discover that he continuously does this when you are alone and most especially when you are in the midst of other people, then you are certainly his side kick.

If you are special to him, he would not even dare embarrassing you like that in public.

A man who loves you will do his best to protect you and not treat you like you are a prized possession.

I believe women should not be treated as sidekicks by men but in some relationships, this is surely the case.

If you therefore wonder if you are a side kick in your relationship, check out these signs.

Have you ever being a side kick? How did you feel?

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