I Need A Woman But Can’t Approach Because of Shyness; What Should I Do?

I Need A Woman But Can’t Approach Because of Shyness; What Should I Do?

My name is Livinus, I need a woman in my life now that I have attained the marriageable age, I’m 38 years old now but can’t approach a lady because I just feel too shy about. I need help on this issue because it pain me the most currently. I have all what any woman will want in life of every man, although I have made some attempt trying to woo some  ladies but it did not work our as I expected. I was of the opinion that, there a woman made for every man but that opinion has faded away now because how can there be a woman for me and I have not met the woman for good 38 years old sweet scented and handsome man like me.
Can’t Approach Because of Shyness
This matter baffled me a lot, I don’t just know what to do, I have read many books on how to approach a lady, how to seduce them, how can flirt with woman and the rest of them like but it didn’t work for me. Is there anything I’m supposed to do that I’m not doing?
Although I have a high taste for woman because not every woman that comes my way can attract me but I have seen so many of them that God just take extra care to make. To approach them now is the problem. I don’t even understand if it is a psychological problem or spiritual, the whole thing just tires me. Can someone just please help me out of this mess, I really need help, I don’t mind even it is a lady that can give me the boaster that can increase my confidence level so that I can approach any one that suit my fancy. Please help!
We receive this message from one of our reader here today and he ask us to share it because he really need help from so many people as he can’t say where his breakthrough will come from. Please if you have any idea on how Livinus break the barrier  of Can’t Approach Because of Shyness, plase share it with us here using the comment form below so that the young man can see your assistance in term of your contribution to his life. This is a life lesson that can help anyone, please do contribute positively. Visit our Facebook Fan Page
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