5 Ways To Overcome Being Insecure In Your Relationship

5 Ways To Overcome Being Insecure In Your Relationship

Insecurity is a relationship spoiler; it will jeopardize your chance of thinking positively as per how the relationship can be better.

If you’re always bothered about your partner’s commitment to the relationship, you won’t be able to acknowledge the good times together in the relationship. Instead, your mind will always be creating false imaginations, which are not true.

Once insecurity has come to live with you in your relationship, you will begin to find problem where none exist and funny thing about it is that, once you begin to look for signs that will confirm your false imagination, you will see them, though unreal but with you, it’s real enough and to everyone else, it’s just mere delusion.

5 Ways To Overcome Being Insecure In Your RelationshipHow can you overcome being insecure in your relationship and only think of what is real and what can help your relationship grow to become better.

1. Stop the confusion and separate imagination from reality

There is a correlation between imagination and reality, the thing you think about or imagine sometimes come to reality and if you continue to think negative about your relationship, the thing you think about will become real to you and only a matter of time, it will manifest because you’ve always wanted it to come to certainty.

Stop the confusion, desist from thinking negative about your partner or relationship before the thought occupy your mind and make it almost impossible to do without thinking along that way.

Anything we think repeatedly, even though unreal initially, we tend to find a way to justify the thinking and make it real, all because it has occupied major part of our mind and until such thought is being justify, we may find it hard to get them out of our mind.

When next you feel insure, please take this simple approach. Ensure you write down on paper, the things you’re making up in your head and try to separate it with exactly what is happening. Your ability to distinguish between your imagination and reality is a huge step toward self-assurance.

2. Do away with certainty trap

When the desire to want your relationship to be exactly the way you want it to be is too strong, it will lead you to over-controlling in your relationship. Over-controlling is a big sign of being insecure in relationship and when you allow it to enter into your head; you will continue to feel insecure. Your strong desire for certainty in the relationship will held you bound insecurely in your relationship if you’re not getting exactly what you desire.

The truth is that, all of us have to live with uncertainty whether we like it or not. For you to stop being insecure and be self-assured, there’s need for you to start relaxing with uncertainty. Knowing that, all things can’t go exactly the way you want them in the relationship, this will give you more confidence to enjoy your relationship.

3. Stop the comparison

Many people feel insecure in their relationship because, they have always been comparing their last relationship with the present ones.

You may not have had a good romantic relationship in the past, but that does not mean the new relationship will likely toe the same part.

People are different and all men are not the same, it will be wrong to believe that men are lying idiot or thinking that all women are promiscuous. This kind of though always comes to mind of those who compare their relationship when they see things similar to what they’ve experienced in the past.

So, forget about comparison but live and enjoy your relationship with whom you’ve got and be self-assure things will eventually worked out.

4. Your relationship needs breathing space

When a seed is planted, there is need for nurturing for the seed to germinate, this also applies to relationship, you may need to allow your relationship to grow over time by giving it some spaces and nurturing. The breathing space period will allow you to understand the need of your relationship and you’ll be self-assure knowing the direction at which the relationship is heading to.

It is the lack of breathing space that leads some people to being insecure in their relationship [Read; The key to your relationship success is understanding and not agreement]

5. Let your mind focus on what is good

Actually, relationships are meant to be fun, though not at all time because of some serious issues that may require your seriousness. Focusing on what is working will give you lots of self-assurance in your relationship. Insecure people always focus on what is not working in their relationship and on this, they dwell so long that, their mind can’t think of the good that has come with the relationship.

Focusing on the good will help your mind and that of your partner to naturally relax and enjoy the relationship.

You don’t have to start reading meaning to something that happens by chance that almost caused you dissatisfaction with your partner.

Insecurity is not good, though if your partner cheats, lie and treat you badly, it is naturally to feel insecure and you will be justified for feeling that way. But if you’re in a good relationship, there’s no any justification why you should feel insecure.

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