How to Know Your Girlfriend is a Pretender

In relationships and in the world at large, people will go the extra mile to pretend to be who they are not in order to get what they want. This is one of the many reasons relationships lose meaning and fall apart.

Women pretend a lot when they are dating and it is sometimes hard for men to decipher truth from lies when they are in love. I often hear guys say “how could she do this to me?” “I trusted her but she lied to me.”

These woes are not unusual as men get deceived all the time by women. In the midst of all these, how then can you know that your girlfriend is a pretender?

To know if your girlfriend is a pretender, look out for the signs below:

She is only happy when you have money:

How to Know Your Girlfriend is a Pretender

Any lady who loves you sincerely will not only be happy with you when you have money but she will be happy with you at all times.

If money is the only thing she is concerned about then your girlfriend is a pretender. If she cannot be happy with you when things are not rosy then she is not fit to be your girlfriend.

She is not true to her words:

If your girlfriend says one thing but does something else then she cannot be trusted. If she is not pretending, she will do as she says. If she cannot stick to her words, how will you cope with her?

She speaks ill about you:

If your girlfriend is a pretender, she will say bad things about you to people at your back but while she is with you, she will act so nice. You will be able to identify this particular sign from what other people say about her.

If your girlfriend is the type that talks a lot, you will surely hear about her hearsays one day.

She showers you with love unnecessarily:

How to Know Your Girlfriend is a Pretender

There is one thing about pretense that cannot be hidden and this is one of such signs. If your girlfriend is a pretender, she will show you so much love when she wants something from you.

This show of love is normally out of the ordinary as it is not how she would usually behave towards you.

She is selfish:

If your girlfriend is a pretender, she will be selfish in most ways. She would not go out of her way to do things from you if it would not benefit her.

She only thinks about herself and how to make herself happy at your expense.

She gives excuses rather than rendering help:

A pretentious girlfriend will not be there for you when you need her help. She would rather give you excuses in order to avoid helping you.

She loves you conditionally:

If your girlfriend is a pretender, her love for you will be based on the material things she can get from you. Her actions and feelings will be determined a lot by what she receives from you.

She takes but doesn’t give back:

A pretentious girlfriend will always collect things from you but she will never reciprocate that act. If you are in a relationship with such a lady, your relationship will be parasitic rather than symbiotic.

She will change over time:

In order to know if your girlfriend is a pretender, give her some time. Study her and watch her behavior for a while and if she is, you will notice it gradually. She might be able to pretend for some time but her true character will be revealed soon enough.

She will never tell you the truth:

If your girlfriend is a pretender, she will not tell you the truth about some things. She would only tell you what you want to hear so that you will be willing to meet her needs.

If your girlfriend portrays these signs then she is certainly a pretender. It’s better to know what these signs are early enough so you are not taken by surprise.

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