5 Parenting Practices Great Parent Do

5 Parenting Practices Great Parent Do

Parenting is really a big task and its complexity sometimes, makes it difficult for many young parents, but in reality it is fun to be a parent. One of the reasons that make parenting look complex is as a result of lack of manual that will teach young parents on how to parent their kids.

Manual! Oh yes, nobody has been able to put together a manual as per how you can raise up a kid and it’s never going to be possible because, every kids are being raised in different patterns and backgrounds are also different. If this ideology works for one kids, you can’t be sure it will work for other kids, and so, that make it somehow complex raising kids up to when they can begin to decide on what they need do on their own.

5 Parenting Practices Great Parent Do However complex parenting could look like, there are still some common 5 parenting practices great parent do and it is these practices I’m going to share with you in this post.

1. Do what you promise you’ll do

Your kids are watching you, it very important you keep to your promise, this help you to build trust and respect. The rules you will make, ensure you consistently enforce them without compromise, the less rule you make the better for you.

2. Appreciate your kids whenever they do any good deed

Generally, kids always love to please their parent and they do lot better when they are being appreciated by their parent. The positive feedback they get from you as the parents encourage them to do more great deed.

3. Teach your kids to practice 3P’s

It is important you teach your kids to learn practicing 3P’s, rather than telling them they can do anything. The 3P’s are; learning to Practice, to be Patience and learning to Persevere. These 3P’s are good for any child development and they are the cornerstone of success in everything in life.

4. Don’t discipline your kids whenever they are tired or hungry

The purpose of discipline is to teach, you will always find it difficult to discipline a child that is hungry or tired. No matter what you want the kid to learn, in the present of hunger or tiredness, such kid won’t absorb the knowledge that which you intend to passes across. Until such kid is filled or physically in a mental state of mind that give room to learning. When they learn from their mistake, the will be able to make a better choice next time. Let your kids have enough rest and eat before you start discipline them, this will ensure you to effectively teach your kids.

5. Exercise positive touch with your kids

It has been proven overtime through several researches that, positive touch is undeniably critical for kid’s growth, development and continuous well-being.

Positive touch include; patting, hugging and curdling. It is important to give your kids long hug or cuddle every day, pat them on the back and also give a loving squeeze on their arm. It goes a long way to show how loving you are as their parents.

With these 5 parenting practices great parent do, you can be sure of doing your best for your kids during their growth and developmental stage. it does not end here and so, I will recommend you watch this video presentation on how to talk to toddler or kids and learn more about other area of parenting that will really help you. In the video presentation, you’ll learn some great tips on how you can actually understand why your kids are not probably behaving the exact way you want.

You will also learn valuable tips and you will come to understand where you’re getting it all wrong. This teaching is back up by scientific research, there’s no trick or any kind of gimmick in the techniques you’re going to learn. If you are a frustrated parent these are the tips that you really NEED to understand.

You need to watch the entire video presentation and what you’ll discover at the end of it will greatly surprise you.

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