5 Needy Signs That Shows You’re Too Available For You Partner

5 Needy Signs That Shows You’re Too Available For You Partner

In the word of relationship, nobody likes someone who’s too available, the nature of man loves one to be chaste but if you’re too available, your interest will not be long in the heart of your suppose partner.

You see, your partner may just like you because of your availability at the initial stage of the relationship you’re trying to build, but I can tell categorically, that the love your partner has for you, will wear off once you can be easily call upon any time and you promptly response that you’re available. [Read: How not to be needy before guys]

Being too available is an indication that, you don’t have time of your own, you don’t have life of your own, you’re needy and there’s possibility that, you will be taken for granted.5 Needy Signs That Shows You’re Too Available

Check out these 5 needy signs that show you’re too available for your partner and try to make amendment about it, so that you can always have the life of your own.

1. Your response is always “Yes”

You’re expected to have your own plan or aspiration in life, and if you do, you will find it difficult to always say yes to whatever he wants from you or want you to do for him. Always saying yes mean, you’re too available and sooner or later, he will get tired of you because, you don’t have a plan of your own.

2. You’ve never said, you’re busy whenever he ask you

Even when you are busy doing something, you have never let him know that you’re busy whenever he ask you if you’re busy doing something. If you always pretend in other to satisfy him, even when you know, you have something doing at hand; you will be seen as being needy and always available to do whatever he wants.

Leaving something you’re doing to attend to him is not always a bad idea, but when you do this every time, then, you’re not having a mind of your own and you can be taken for granted easily.

3. You always cancel event with your friends when he comes up with his suddenly

This is another needy signs that you’re always available when you cancel event or outings with your friends every time your guy comes up suddenly for another outing. Cancelling event with your friend once in a while, so as to attend another event with your would be guy, is good, but doing it every time is just too bad. Sooner, your friends will not be getting you involve in their plans of things whenever they have something doing that involves all friends. You’ll be seen as someone not having a mind of his own and who cannot defend or stand on her decision.

4. You’re not always bother at the last minute approach or change of schedule

It is only those that have nothing doing, those that don’t have mind of their own will not always bother about last minute change of schedule or approaching issues at the last minutes.

If you endure it for first and second time, you should ensure, it never happens for the third time. That’s when you will be taken seriously and you need to let him know, that you’re not comfortable with last minute change of schedules every time.

5. …and lastly, friends call you that you’re too available

This is just the icing on the cake, it is a point blank and there’s nothing to be hidden about it. These friends actually see lots of things going wrong with you and the relationship you’re trying to establish. And when they finally let you know how they feel about you, you bet, you’re truly too available. [Read: 5 Ways to build long lasting relationship with your partner]

In fact, other people too might ask you, if you don’t have a life of your own, because they always see you together every time. They have never seen you spent your time apart, it’s always with him.

If you happen to fall into any of these 5 needy signs that show you’re too available for your partner, you need to make amend and try to establish a mind of your own; this will help you to be able to say “No” when you’re not comfortable with his desire.

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2 thoughts on “5 Needy Signs That Shows You’re Too Available For You Partner”

  1. am in a relationship which seems like I love the guy more than he loves me. He his very secretive, he doesn’t respect me @’ll, he can’t call me more dan two times in a day, doesn’t Tell me anything and it’s hard for him to hang out with me, he prefer to hangout with his friends. Since we have been dating, we haven’t gone out together, he doesn’t want anyone to know we are dating, he doesn’t even introduce me to people has his girlfriend…. I don’t even know his family members and he doesn’t see any big deal in sleeping with other girls as long as he tells me,he believes he his a guy and it’s normal to sleep around…..there are so many things I can’t even continue typing I don’t knw what to do please reply me If you have any advice for me

    1. If all of these are true, then you don’t any business being his girlfriend.

      How can he be sleeping with other girls and doesn’t feel guilty about it? That’s total rubbish on his part.
      My dear, I will advice you to run for your life. You may feel the pain now but it is better to feel the lesser pain now than getting into more troublesome and bigger emotional pain later.

      Just end the relationship straight away. I guess he’s too young and he thought he can eat his cake and still have it. That is not possible, he’s not being responsible at all, if all you’ve said is true.

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