3 Ways To Find Out If You Are With The Right Partner

3 Ways To Find Out If You Are With The Right Partner

Lots of partner in relationship start with the wrong person, and the relationship never stand the test of time before it crumbles. Is it that young men and women love to go through this route before the discovering of the right partner or it’s just plain feeling that lead them into the relationship in the first place?

To determine if you’re with the right partner, is not that difficult as you may have thought, but only if you know what to actually do to find out if you’re with the right partner, and then start the relationship and learn as you go further in the relationship to be more compatible for a long lasting companionship.

If you ask anyone, why he or she is in relationship, you will hardly get a convincing answer. Majority will tell you, they just feel they love the person in relationship with them, or the person is the luckiest among several others who have asked them out.

3 Ways To Find Out If You Are With The Right PartnerMost of these people can’t just articulate the reason why they are in that relationship. But I have found out from my interaction with people who can’t wait to get down the aisle. There’s one common denominator that bind all of these people together, even though, they can’t seem to really explain it.

There is high level of satisfaction in their relationship; this is the one that’s common among them.

When I said satisfaction, I mean both partner are enjoying the relationship and are getting what they desire from the relationship. This satisfaction is one of the major ingredients of a thriving loving and romantic relationship.

So, how can high level of satisfaction help you to determine if you’re with the right partner?

Below are the 3 ways to find out if you are with the right partner.

1. Accessing your current relationship: How much satisfaction do you feel presently?

This is the most challenging part of this trifold ways to find out if you’re with the right partner. But I can help you make it simpler. What you need to do right now to get this part on the right track, is to break down your relationship satisfaction into smaller aspect like; communication, emotional availability, sex, finances and others. Then access each area to find out if you’re satisfied with what you’re currently getting in the relationship.

If you are satisfied in most of these aspects, you’re more likely to be with the right partner. But if you’re not satisfied with most of them, you don’t have to get thing clumsy, they can still be work on, but if after you tried to get thing right, both of you are not making headway is such a way to get the require satisfaction, you’ve got to think twice.

2. The next question will be; have you been more satisfied in your previous relationship?

If you are more satisfied in your previous relationship than your present relationship, let say, you find it easy to express yourself with your ex than your present partner, then there is work to be done. It will benefit your present relationship to tell your partner what can make you more satisfied. Mental comparison to your past relationship, especially if the past gives you more satisfaction than what you’re getting now, it becomes toxic to your present relationship.

3. Can you think of ways to be more satisfied or you’ve got boat load of dissatisfaction

If you can imagine some aspect of your relationship, where you can get more satisfaction, it would likely be of benefit to your relationship to let your partner knows what your wishes are. Let say the aspect of sex, if you know what to do, to let you get more satisfaction in this area, you can begin to implement it. This way, your relationship can be approaching where you dream of.

But if you can’t imagine any aspect where you can get satisfaction, maybe, you’ve got more dissatisfaction and it’s affecting your imagination. This is a clear indication that, you don’t know yet, what your need in the relationship. It is better for you to stay single for some times and reconnect your deeper personal needs and value.

If you follow these 3 ways to find out if you are with the right partner, it will be much easier for you to think about the future of your relationship, and the satisfaction you desire in a relationship.

If all is well, then you’ve found the special one, but if the small still voice in your head is telling you otherwise, please do the needful.

Let me know in the comment box how you feel, after trying the 3 ways to find out if you are with the right partner. Don’t forget to share this article using any of the social networking icons below.

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