3 Healthy Reasons Why You Should be in Relationship

3 Healthy Reasons Why You Should be in Relationship

Many got it very wrong, their idea or reasons to want to be in relationship is totally unhealthy and they push forward to see that they actually get into that relationship, the unfortunate thing is that, the relationship never last. What is the unhealthy reason why they go into relationship? It may interest you to know that, going into relationship with unhealthy reason is looking for someone to love you when you feel you lack love.

3 Healthy Reasons Why You Should be in RelationshipDon’t get it twisted here, there is nothing wrong in searching for love but everything is wrong when you’re looking for love without you loving yourself first. You feel you lack love, maybe because the way you grew up and you feel you’ve been denied love as you grow up and now looking elsewhere for love. Sorry, you’re not going to get into healthy relationship if that is the reason why you want be in relationship to be love and happy. You will feel disappointed because your partner love cannot fill that emptiness if you don’t first love yourself.

The pointers below will show you 3 healthy reasons why you should be in a relationship

1. Being in relationship will help you to share love and caring

There is great different between wanting love and desiring to share love, those who set themselves into relationship because they just want love to make them happy ended up being disappointed. Going into relationship desiring to share love has lead so many people into healthy and fulfill relationship. If you only wanted to be love in your relationship, it mean you’ve abandon yourself and not yet learned to love and value yourself.

When you take responsibility for doing the inner work to learn to love and value yourself, you become full of love to share, and it is fulfilling to share your love with a significant other. Caring about another person feels very satisfying when you are also caring about yourself. One of the maximum joys in life is the sharing of love, and two people who love and value themselves and share their love and caring with each other are able to experience this deep joy and intimacy.

2. Being in relationship will help you to share companionship and fun

It is not good for anyone to leave alone, don’t mind singles mothers or father that will tell you that there is nothing they are looking for in a partner. It is all lie, they all yarn for inner feeling of partner but they will denied it and feel as if there is nothing anybody can offer them, that they don’t need relationship let alone companionship. To be sincere with you, loneliness is very hard feeling. Nobody is meant to live alone. You can take a look at the life of the past ages, people even live in families and communities where they support, share and have fun. These days, we don’t live near families and communities as it were in the olden days. Once people reach some certain age, they will want to be on their own. You can create this companionship with your partner and have fun. It is generally much more fun to do things with a partner than to be always doing them alone. [Also Read; Top 3 need of men and woman for a successful relationship]

3. Being in relationship will help you to learn and grow

When you get into relationship with another partner which is of opposite sex with the desire to learn and grow, you and your partner will be able to assist each other to overcome rejection and abandonment issues you may have. Being in a relationship will offer you a wonderful opportunity to heal your old fears and insecurities you’ve experience during your childhood.

The fact remain that, your partner can do this with you, but not for you. Both of you in the relationship need to be open to taking responsibility for your own feelings and healing, and then you can help and support each other in their learning and healing process. Being in committed relationship to share love, share companionship and learn to grow will provide you with more intimacy, passion, fun, security and comfort.

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