Are You A Sex Addict Or Just A Very Passionate Person?

There is a very big difference between being somebody who loves sex and a sex addict. The problem though is sometimes the signs are very similar. You may be highly sexual and wonder if you are bordering on being a sex addict.

Sex Addict

Sure, sex can be compulsive and you may also be the type that just loves the excitement that it brings. But there is a point where you cross the line and start to realize that you have a problem. From cheating to having problems with work, there are signs that you have a problem.

In this article, we will go over several signs that you should pay attention to as they may indicate a sex addiction and not just a passion for life.

Finding a partner is all-consuming

 When you are looking for casual sex partners as somebody who simply likes sex, it doesn’t usually take up too much of your time. You can browse the dating apps like Dating Insider, find a partner, have some fun, and then you are done until next time.

There are plenty of people like you that just enjoy some sex with no strings attached and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, when you are approaching finding a partner with clinical precision and it becomes something that is occupying more and more of your time, then you have to take stock of the situation.

Finding a willing partner is not easy, but it shouldn’t ever resemble something like work or having to use most of your waking hours to find somebody.

If you obsess over finding the latest partner, or, not being able to live up to your daily responsibilities because you are busy searching then you may have a problem.

Lying to cover your behavior

 Most addicts end up at a point in which their addiction starts causing problems so they lie about it to friends, family, and even their partner. This is even true of a sex addict so if you feel that your behavior needs covering up then this should set off some alarm bells in your head.

Understand that this behavior is not acceptable and needs to be addressed. If you are not following through on commitments to friends and family and making up excuses as to why that is then this is the beginning of what could be a problem later.

Professional consequences

 Are you seeking sex when you are supposed to be working and the work isn’t getting done? Or, are you late for work because you are having a lot of morning rendezvous? Then this is going to have some serious consequences for your work.

If you are getting some pushback by your boss that your work is slacking and you are not reliable then you could get fired for your behavior. When seeking sex is more important than holding a job then this is not a good sign.

This is also true of your personal relationships. If you are straining friendships and relationships with family you are bordering on an addiction.

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